Monday, 10 September 2012

The Street Approach to Pick Up Women

The Street Approach to Pick Up Women

By George Alex Battles

Is there a guy who doesn't want to get noticed by the hottest women? I don't think so. Even the geeks who stay in front of their computers probably have read articles on how to pick up women. They are just having trouble executing it in real life. Whenever you see a not-so-attractive guy with a hottie dangling in his arms, it never ceases to amaze us. He definitely knows how to play his game. I'm sure a lot of you out there have already read that you have to be confident in order to get girls attracted to you. But is it enough?

Most of the time, confidence is not the problem. It's the execution that is the real problem. We want to be noticed without having to look like we are needy and lame. The approaches can be summarized into two: the cold and the warm.

In the cold approach, you get attention of the girl by being impersonal at first. Drop a line with a loud voice and don't look until she is totally facing you. When she says something in recognition to what you said, face her giving her the impression that she mentioned something that makes you want to stay. Then do the mirroring approach where you get to get to validate the things she said since this a good way to get good rapport. You can follow this up with a sexual body language after you have gotten her comfortable with you.

The warm approach is a different matter. You must be ready with an opener. You can get to exercise being imaginative, funny and intriguing at the same time. Girls dig this kind of attitude. If you are a naturally funny guy, make her laugh with your jokes. Create intrigue by being an intellectual. If you are the imaginative type, create drama by role-playing.

Picking up women is all about having an attitude. You have to remember that the purpose of playing the game is to attract women. You must be able to get women interested without really trying. You can learn this in time just as long as you practice with good rapport. Practice good communication with all the people you meet since this will help you in your game.

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