Friday, 19 July 2013

Twitter Suspended My Account For No Reason - How to Get it Back

By Kai Lo

You probably have no idea why Twitter suspended your account for no reasons at all. Sometimes, your account gets suspended by accident because most of the moderation done on Twitter are by bots. They are not perfect when it comes to judgment.

I will explain to you how Twitter suspended my account and how to get it back:

I did not carefully read the terms of service. This happens quite often to most users because not many people bother to read that. They simply check the box that they have read it and hit accept.

What I did to get suspended was that I was aggressively following bunch of random people all at once. Now, there is nothing wrong with following strangers, but if all of a sudden you added 500 people to your list within 10 minutes, Twitter will red flag you.

That does not look natural at all because you are just going through somebody's list of followers and added all of them without even actually spending the time to find out if that person is interesting to you. You want to add people who are interesting to you whether they are a celebrity or someone who is talking about something in your related niche.

I panicked when Twitter suspended my account so I will explain how to get it back. What you need to do is look for the "Help" link. Look for the tab that says "Submit A Request". Make sure you select the category that says you have a problem, and then select the one that says something about spam suspension.

You need to apologize as much as you do not want to! If you were aggressively following people on Twitter like me, you need to admit that you were doing it. Twitter will let you get your account back as soon as they get to your request. Please give them some time because they are very busy. It took mine 4 days, but it could possibly be up to a month.

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