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68 Ways to Make Money That Actually Work

By Ricardo Davila

If you want to learn many different ways to make money that actually work then I think you should probably read this article, start applying and testing. The important thing is that you try out things to see what can work for you and what not. You may have heard about some of these things in the past, or maybe not, it does not matter we will have outlined different strategies that will have results, even if you tried some of these in the past and failed it is because you were not doing things right. I will also talk to you about some unusual ways to make money that you might want to try out, because these are the type of things that show us how flexible, creative, profitable and fun the internet, and online businesses are, it will also make clear how conventional jobs and money making tasks which demand a lot of hard work, time, exposure, etc will soon be considered overrated and in a future not so far they will probably be forgotten as well.
Through the following list I will provide you with a lot of ideas on several ways to make money that actually work, I will give you a short explanation on each one, and I will probably provide you links to other articles which I previously wrote explaining that topic with more detail.
Ways to Make Money:
1. eBay.com: Buy on eBay then sell on eBay as well, but apply a technique that is called dropshipping, this way you won't have to worry about managing stock for your products and you will not need to worry about storage. It's great to lower operational costs involved in the whole process to buy, receive, sell, ship, etc. A company that provides this service stays with the product, stores it, and then they will send it to the buyer. The best way to make money on eBay is by buying products on days and hours that are cheap, and sell on eBay when the auctions for products are higher. Buying cheap on eBay can be done on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday real late, if you are in America and that includes south America as well, from 2 to 6 in the morning. To sell on eBay the best day is Friday after 6 p.m.
2. Amazon.com: to buy on amazon and then sell on amazon you must apply the same steps and techniques I mentioned for ebay, It works the same, although I would like to point out that you can also buy and sell things that are not runned through auctions. You can buy great offers that usually consist of high volumes of merchandise, but you won't have to worry because of dropshipping services, or if the person that you bought from agrees to keep the products until you re-sell them, so he or she just have to ship the stuff as if they were shipping it to you in the first place. These high volume offers usually give you the potential to make thousands and thousands of dollars, all you have to do is choose the right products to sell.
3. Make an Amazon or an eBay Online Store. You can do this very easily by choosing the right website hosting service, by creating a highly optimized website/blog in wordpress through their autoinstall service for wordpress. Then you will choose the design of your website, create content about the things you intend to sell, optimize your blog for the search engines and that's it. One of the ways to make money that I enjoy the most is affiliate marketing, you can create your amazon and eBay online store by joining their affiliate programs which offer great tools, widgets, etc and sell products from other people and get a commission.
4. Metacafe: Buy a camera if you don't have one, start making and uploading videos at metacafe.com. You will get paid for every view, go to the site and find out how much to see if you are still interested. All I can say is that there are some people that make a lot of money through metacafe and you can check it out by visiting their site and looking up for the highest earners list, there you will be able to get an idea. Make videos that are useful, interesting or fun, that way you will get a lot of traffic, and remember traffic will make you money because you are paid per view.
5. Associatedcontent.com: Join for free, write articles and get paid immediately before being published something like $2 to $20 dollars per article, and you will keep making money through every view that it has, of course you will need a lot of views to make a decent amount of money. Anyway associatedcontent.com has a lot of power because it is trusted by google, articles are reviewed manually that is why they pay upfront for each article, so articles that are published here get ranked very high by Google and other search engines, therefore providing you a lot of traffic if you apply keyword strategy right. This is one of my sister's favorite ways to make money because she does live in the U.S, I live outside so I'm limited only to getting paid per view, so go and check if there is availability for your country first if you plan to get paid upfront for each article after revision before submission.
6. Make free blogs, free hubs and free lenses:
The following 100 web pages you choose to make, if you choose any will be one of the best ways to make money that you have applied especially if you follow the guidelines required to make money which consist of things like keyword strategy, SEO, keyword marketing, content creation, tools. You should also follow the same monetization methods that are usually applied to these sites, that is by monetizing with adsense, bidvertiser or adbrite for interest based ads or based on content ads, you could also use one of my favorite ways to make money which is in text ads through the service of companies such as infolinks, kontera, clicksor, vibrant media, etc. And with affiliate products by joining affiliate programs like cj (commission junction) and CB (clickbank).
Make 30 blogs at blogspot or blogger.com: This blogs have to be the most methodical of the three options in this list, because you have to create a lot of content so it can be effective to get money, you must learn about keyword strategy and execute that strategy correctly. You will also need to make more pages for each one of these blogs, about thirty good articles for each one, a bit of hard work but they will make you a lot of money.

Make 100 hubs at hubpages.com, same principles, it's all bout the keywords. Make one hub per keyword.

Make 100 lenses at squidoo.com, same strategy as well. Except you only make one lens per keyword.

7. Sell Affiliate products by uploading videos in YouTube and metacafe. What you have to do is create a presentation for the product, appropriately tag the video to rank in the first result or in the first page of the results after performing a Google search or a YouTube search on the keyword of the market you want to target. Remember to create a good short presentation that says or shows you everything about that product, then place the url of your website, or your own personal affiliate link beneath the image or at the right side next to video within your profile information.
8. Make your own E-book and sell it online. Write a how to guide on anything and get paid, sell it through your own website or sell it through one of the many promotional eMarketing methods that can be found online.
9. Get Paid $1 dollar for every article you write and that's accepted at today.com.
10. Take a part time job could be online or offline. Online you could be writing for other people or translating stuff if you know various languages. Offline you could work at a night club.
11. Start a home business that is not online, like a day care in your house for children that have working parents.
12. Create your own products, for example necklaces or cloth with your own design and ideas. Look what happened to Underarmour. Or just create crafty stuff very cool stuff and go to etsy.com and sell it.
13. Make websites and sell them, offer your services as a website builder, simply learn how to install wordpress sites and charge people some money for their new great website or blog, eventually you will get known for being the go to person in your town when a website is needed.
14. Craiglist: Sell anything you might want to very easily, the cool thing is that craiglist are usually localized so you can get customers on the same place you are, so you won't have to bother with the shipping cost and the operation will probably be faster, one more thing probably the most important, craiglist is a free service!
15. Join Second Life, create a successful business online in a virtual world and redeem your virtual money for real money. You have to be creative as well to make money in that virtual world or you can take jobs and get paid.
16. Join World of Warcraft, play the game make gold in the game, the number of users and addicts to this game is so high that you will be able to sell the gold you make in world of warcraft to other players or users for real cash.
17. Play Webkinz
18. Become a Video Game Tester.
19. Find an Online Job at amazon's mechanical turk, where companies post job offers to complete tasks that are hard for a machine but easy for a person. All you have to do is look for the list of available offers, choose one that you like and that you can complete, then get paid. One of the great ways to make money provided by amazon which has a handful of those.
20. Buy cheap stuff at china through alibaba.com, find out about something that is highly demanded where you live and that it is very hard to get or very expensive, once you find out what that thing might be you go to alibaba.com search for the product, look for a supplier that sells that product for peanuts, make sure that the provider is a gold verified member, so you won't get ripped off. Go to the possible customers make a business presentation through a decent business plan, get an order, begin your importation business. You could make a killing with the most simple things, this is one the ways to make money that I have applied the most because after you make one hit, it usually stays with you, because no one can make better offers than the chinese.
21. You can start Breeding Animals, depending on where you live and how much space you have. For example if you live in a small limited place, you could fill just one room of the place with lots of fish tanks very well organized so that you can fit in as many as you can. In these fish tanks you will start your own aquafarming project, but since your space is very limited you must focus on little exotic fishes that cost a lot of money, you can get them from asia, U.S.A, and many other places, you will have to do some research.
22. Royalty free Photos one of the many ways to make money that I frequently use, I would recommend to invest a little bit of money in a good camera so you can make much more money. All you have to do is take pictures of everything and go to places like istockphoto.com, shutterstock.com, break.com or bigphoto.com and sell them there, place them there and every time someone purchases one you will take a high percentage of the deal, I make thousands of dollars a year from shutterstock which is the one I use the most.
23. Royalty free Video works the same as royalty photos except that you will need a good HD video camera which can be quite expensive if you don't find any good bargains or something like that, but you would get that money back real fast because Royalty free videos sell like crazy for a lot of money, for very short clips with high definition you would make like $100 u.s dollars every time someone purchased the video. You can film anything even just people walking, many people need this type of videos for many different reasons, the important thing is that they sell for a great price. You could make a lot of money by selling your videos over and over on pond5.com, cutcaster.com and other royalty free stock sites that might promote your work.
24. Sell Royalty free images, you don't need to be a creator of images to have success with them, you can outsource this work in other countries by hiring people that charge a very small amount of money and make hundreds of new original designs that can be sold easily over and over online. They can be sold through your own Royalty free stock website, or simply go to sites like fotolia.com, dreamstime.com or istockphoto.com and apply the same process which is applied to royalty free photos and videos.
25. Grow food on your backyard or in a small room depending on the available space you have. If the space you have is very small you could start growing medicinal or gourmet exotic asian mushrooms, which have a lot of demand and are very expensive. They can be produced easily if you apply the techniques of mushroom cultivation properly, and you can start your own small business operation with a small amount of money, you could produce shiitake mushrooms, maitake, lion's mane, etc.
26. Buy antiques on your hometown that are being sold for very cheap prices, then sell the antiques on the internet for a higher price, because you will receive a lot of offers from a lot of interested people for products like these all over the world. You could sell them easily through eBay or amazon, even etsy.
27. Join local sports championships like marathons, triathlons, bowling tournaments, etc, that have cash prizes, Win and get paid. You do need to be in shape if you want to make money this way, because the competition is usually very well trained.
28. Become a fitness instructor all you need to do is learn the principles of weight training, a lot of weight training routines, learn how to use and teach how to use pulsometer technology like POLAR for better results, faster weight loss and faster results overall. You could charge between $150 and $300 u.s dollars an hour easily for every customer you had.
29. Find hobbies that you enjoy and give you the chance to create new ways to make money, like carving jewlery and accesories that are very cool.
30. Become a Loan Shark, lend money to people in your hometown and charge a weekly percentage on this amount, it could be something from $5 to $10 for the loaning fee, you should check the local laws to find out if you can perform this type of activity without doing something that can be considered illegal.
31. Buy and Sell estates, this means that you could buy any house, apartment, etc, full of stuff and sell everything inside through auctions and through flea markets, or through online services, then you could sell the house or apartment itself at the end to complete the process.
32. Buy and Sell stuff through local auction sites that are located near to where you live, you will find great offers if you have good judgement, and then you will make a killing reselling this stuff, antiques are a heavy favorite in this field. This is one of the many great ways to make money without getting things to complicated.
33. Become an Advisor to make money by giving out advice on your area of expertise, you could also create an online business were you offer your advice for money. For example if you are a lawyer you could set up a web site that offers consulting on law issues that are a lot cheaper, because you won't have to get yourself an office, you can do it from home, and you can manage a higher a volume of clients. Of course this could be like a more basic consulting like a general consulting service that points out important things, and information on what the next steps should or could be. This is just one example it can be done in many ways, like for fitness coaching, health consulting, etc.
34. Buy and sell currencies to make a margin, it can be done through forex, or you can do it locally on your hometown's exchange service, you could buy a few euros and wait for them to reach higher value that when you bought them, then sell them and keep the margin difference. Repeat all over again for as many currencies as you want, just do some research and find out about the historical behavior of that currency in the last couple of months.
35. You could start a painting course to learn how to make art, this usually does not take so much time to learn and you can start making money real fast, paintings have a lot of demand and they are very well paid.
36. You could take care of people's animals in your neighborhood.
37. You could become a tour guide in your home town, you could start you own business intended to show people the historical value of your city, this is one of the ways to make money that could easily make you a steady income without having to invest a lot time and money, and it could be a business that could probably grow into something bigger. Of course your city must have a flow of tourism so it can be successful.
38. You could collect stamps, then sell them, in fact you could get into all type of collectibles with the purpose of reselling once they have reached higher value.
39. One of my favorite ways to make money is by becoming a wine tester, you have to try out different wines and rate them, this is called enology.
40. Buy a dehydrator and a vacuum packaging machine, you know to shrink and wrap stuff. Go to the local markets buy fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. Dehydrate them, pack them, and sell them on local stores for a considerable amount of money, you won't need to buy a big expensive dehydrator there are great cheap dehydrators that work just fine, you can even do the dehydration process with the sun, and vacuum packaging devices can be bought for a very low price.
41. Find out about things that are missing that have cash rewards, it can be jewelery, cell phones, pets, etc. Find the missing items and get paid.
42. Walk dogs to get paid by the hour.
43. Get into Rummage Sales to buy and sell things.
44. Be creative and make new crazy products that might make it big, like boots for cats or something like that.
45. You can perform internet researching for people that don't have the time or skills to retrieve the needed information on the internet, you could to this kind of work for many different people in lots of different fields, you could make like $10 to $20 u.s dollars an hour.
46. You could start a professional blog with wordpress, not like the 100 hundred blogs that should be done through free services that I mentioned at the beginning of this article, you could make a real focused blog that has lots of entries, that targets great keywords and that has a lot of search engine traffic, so that you can make money through sales of affiliate products, leads from CPA offers and through AdSense clicks. This is on of the best ways to make money and have fun doing something you like.
47. Become one of those persons that give out samples in stores or make demonstrations of the use of the products that they are being paid to promote, get paid $10 to $20 dollars an hour on average.
48. Mystery Shopping is something I have recommended over and over through many articles, it really works and you can make up to $100 dollars a day.
49. Create an eStore, to sell affiliate products, or even create your own products and designs through zazzle or cafepress, or sell your own products if you already have them or if you are able to make them. You will be able to make money easily through the promotion of a variety of creative and unique products. With cafepress or zazzle all you have to do is print on demand. Or you could join blogprofitz.com and have them run your online business, or you could join buildanichestore.com and get a niche site for an ecommerce or affiliate marketing site that is automatically made and very effective.
50. If you have decent writing skills then you could try writing on a column for a local newspaper, it is something very easy to do, it does not require much time, you can make quick money with this gig, what you have to do is send your local newspaper an article that you have made on any subject that they might be interested in, if they like it they'll buy it and you will be able to sell more articles over and over again once you get your first one accepted, or you can be hired to make articles constantly on a daily basis.
51. Buy land in countries that are considered emerging economies, the price of the land will keep getting higher every day as these countries keep developing.
52. Create your own business in a third world country, make a company, your own brand, you can do this easily in these countries because the cost of labor is very cheap, also other costs like water and energy are very low as well as the cost of supplies, so you could ask for a credit or a loan and make an investment overseas.
53. One of the most popular ways to make money in the world is through buying and selling stock, now you don't have to know how to do this, what you can do is invest a certain amount of money through a stock broker, he or she, or the compnay which handle your stock investment will take care of the whole process of buying and selling with your consent when the time is right, and they will advice you where and when to invest for maximum results. Or you can do this through great online services which provide great support and tools, like scottrade.com, through tdameritrade.com or tradeking.com.
54. I have a friend that uses one of the coolest ways to make money, he buys old cars that are rare models for a very cheap price, then he remodels those cars, makes them better, new engines, new painting, new furniture, he pimps cars that's what he does, then he sells them for a lot more money than he bought them.
55. Introduce people that may need it each other for commercial lucrative purposes, and win a commission for being the middle man.
56. Write songs and sell them to independent musicians or to music companies, or through websites which are made for this purpose, you can find many through a Google search.
57. Identify needs in local businesses and offer them to outsource that need through you, for example if you know about a terrific restaurant that has no delivery and you know that the restaurant could be making a lot more money through delivering orders at homes, then you could offer the restaurant to provide them with the motorcycle and the driver to deliver those orders, they should charge a little extra fee for the delivering service, then this fee could be divided between you and the restaurant. This would also help that business make more money for themselves.
58. Write a book and have it published, not an e-book a real book. I'm sure you've been able to see all the crappy books in bookstores all over the world, so it would be very possible to have one published even if it's not that good.
59. Take Paid Surveys Online.
60. Wash your neighbor's cars to make extra money real quick.
61. Create and publish your own magazine. It could be about anything, entertainment magazines, with reviews and unique photography, and stuff like that do very well when it comes to making money. This business can be done with a small amount of money, especially if you intend it to start out locally, then it can grow and even become a multimillion dollar business when it becomes global.
62. Create or hire someone to make softwares and apps for cellphones, then sell them. This is not a get rich quick scheme, it will take time and testing, but it is a method that can make you a rich person once you have a product that has success.
63. Get paid to read emails.
64. Join focus groups to make money.
65. Surf the web and get paid.
66. Get paid to read.
67. Get paid to click on ads.
68. Get paid to complete offers through the money making method provided by projectpayday.com, treasuretroopers.com and cashcrate.com.
Now you know 68 different ways to make money that work, some are easy ways to make money some are not, but you will be able to earn money as much money as you want if you develop a good business plan. You will be able to find more information on all of these business models by searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to get more specific technical details, a lot of the more specific information can be found on this site as well. If you think you can suggest other ways to make money that work then leave a comment and contribute to a list that will help anyone out there to find ways to make extra cash or sustainable long term businesses.
RD author and owner of the Make Money Online School, a place where you can learn the best Ways to Make Money.
With all the info provided at RD's site you could actually learn How to Make Money Fast [http://www.how-to-make-money-fast.org].

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