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3 Simple Tips To Help You Lose Weight

By Tom Rondle
Many people make losing fat out to be harder than it actually is. When desperate to lose fat, people often have a tendency to take more risks, which is something that should be avoided. The fact of the matter is, with a few basic principles, anyone can make some serious fat loss progress without any real effort at all. 

Most people are often looking for some kind of "secret tips" that will help them to burn some fat real quick, and fortunately there are some things that are actually surprisingly very effective. In fact, these tips have been proven to make an easy difference of ten pounds in the first two weeks when starting a new weight loss and exercise program.

Below I will reveal 3 simple tips that have been successful in helping thousands of people around the world who thought it was hard to lose weight to actually shed the pounds pretty easily and quickly. 

Here they are...

1 Avoid "white" foods. 

 This consists of pastas, white breads, most cereal products and your favorite crackers. Other white foods that you should avoid are flour, potatoes and potato products, rice, cheese products and processed milk. The white foods that are always good to eat and are good for you are fish, chicken and cauliflowers.

2 Soda Pop and other drinks that have sugar, calories, or artificial sweeteners you should also avoid. Too much coffee is also something you should not drink. Creamer is something you should leave alone also, right? Yes, it's white. And drinking plenty of water is something most people neglect to do. You should make it a point to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water. In other words, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 100 ounces of water every day. This will be most important in helping your body to "kick in" the fat loss process.

3 OK, now that you've been taken off the "white" products you also need to avoid all wheat products too. This includes "whole wheat." It all has to go. Read the ingredients on the label of everything you preparing to eat, and if it has the word "wheat" anywhere on the label, don't eat it.

By following these three simple tips, and adhering to them strictly, you will be surprised at your progress in just the first couple of weeks. It might take some adjusting on your part depending on what you are used to eating everyday, but once it becomes habit your entire life will change for the better.

The above tips were taken from the Fat Loss Factor training guide. To learn more about this weight loss program, please read the Fat Loss Factor Review.
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Friday, 30 August 2013

Ten of the Very Best Free Puzzle Android Games

By Jed Lampi

All the free brain and puzzle Android games here are amazingly fun to play, innovative, and in most cases you will stretch your brain out to some degree. It's now common knowledge that with exercise, your brain can become more powerful and the more you work it, the more control you'll have over it and better recall you'll have when needed. These things are a nice added bonus to consider while you're having fun playing these free Android games.

To get you started on your quest, here's ten of the best free brain and puzzle Android games. They're all put together very well and are going to be a lot of fun to play.

Bubble Blast 2
Right now, this is the most popular free Android puzzle game. It's extremely addictive and basically the epitome of what you'd want in a fun game for your Android. One of the great things is, you'll never run out of fun new levels to play as there are currently over 1500 and more are added all the time. If you're reading this article, it means you're interested in downloading some free Android games- start with this one!

This Android game is based on the early theory that you could take existing elements and create gold with them. It was thought of as a kind of Witchcraft in the Middle Ages into the Renaissance period. Enough with the history, this game is a spin off that and you start with four basic "elements": fire, water, earth, air. Your goal is to combine them to create new elements. You're able to create all sorts of wacky things and it's certainly a fun game to play.

Chess for Android
As far as I'm concerned, this is the best chess app for your Android phone. You can play the "computer" at various levels so you can challenge yourself or have a nice self-esteem boasting match. If you're into chess, this app should definitely be on your short list.

This game is quite a bit like the old-school Boggle. Using the standard block of 25 letters (a 5 by 5 square), you need to wind through the block and create as many words as possible. It gives you the total number of potential words and I can guarantee it's not as easy as it looks.

Sudoku took the world by storm when it was first published in newspapers. Those who jumped on the Sudoku train are likely still playing and this is the best such app available for download on your Android. It has a bunch of different skill levels and it will keep track of all the puzzles you've started and completed. As we all know, sometimes it's best to come back to it after taking a bit of time off and this app allows you to do just that!

Traffic Jam Free
This Android game is similar to the slide puzzles you might remember as a kid. The object of this game is to get the yellow car out of the traffic jam. How do you do it? By dragging the car to move around all the other cars so it can get out of the screen. It's crazy, but there are over 5000 levels and more on the way! There's a lot of fun to be had with this free Android puzzle game.

Slide Puzzle
Speaking of slide puzzles, this is all about the classic sliding tile game (others call it the 15 puzzle). You can use the images in the database or you can actually customize them and use your own. Also, if you're up for a challenge, you can play the slide game with up to 64 pieces! That's right; the game can be played from 3x3 all the way up to 8x8. It's a great option because it turns into a game literally any age can play and have fun while playing!

I've noticed one thing about Mahjong in my life: some people get it and absolutely love to play it while others either don't get it or don't like it. There's just no in between. This is the most popular of the dozens of Mahjong games ready for download to your Android phone.

Classic Simon
This is an Android memory game based on every kid's favorite, "Simon Says". The game displays a series of colors and sounds and you have to repeat them in the correct order. It's great to get your kid involved in having some fun while learning some things; it's also fun for adults.

Jewellust lite
This Android puzzle game is one of the absolute favorites of thousands of people. I'm not going to get into details about the exact game because I think you'll have more fun if you just download it and go from there. Just do it; you will not be disappointed!

I own one of the Best Android Games sites where you can find information on every Android game and app available for download.

The main goal of the site is to provide everyone an easy way to read about all of the Android apps. Go straight to the puzzle Android section where you'll find additional info on all the free puzzle Android games.
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The Earth's Magnetism

By Karel Kosman

The earth is surrounded by an extensive magnetic field. This magnetosphere extends far into the universe and protects the earth against the solar wind.
The magnetic field that is measured at the earth's surface is, on one hand, the result of the flow of molten metal in the outer core of the earth (permanent field) and, on the other hand, the consequence of fields caused by the flow of electric particles in the ionosphere (the upper layer of the earth's atmosphere) and the magnetosphere. We can visualise its lines of force as enormous loops irradiating from the earth's magnetic poles. These are situated near the geographical north and south poles (today they are separated by approximately 11 degrees).
The first magnetic field of the earth may have originated when the earth, as a whirling mass of gas and dust many million years ago, brushed against the magnetic field of the sun. This would have magnetised the electrically conductive material in the earth's mass and activated the electrons (particles), which in turn during their travels produced current, creating at the same time the earth's magnetic field proper.
In 1600, William Gilbert, naturalist and personal physician of the English Queen Elizabeth I, published his hypothesis that the earth may be compared to a gigantic magnet. However, the action of the earth's magnetism had been known long time before that and it was used for orientation with compass.
Naturally, there is no magnetic rod in the earth's interior, although we might make such a comparison when we consider the magnetic field. It has opposing poles and is therefore called a bipolar field.
The magnetic north pole and the magnetic south pole are not identical with the geographical poles, because this bipolar field is tilted vis-à-vis the rotating axis of the earth approximately by eleven degrees. The magnetic needle of the compass thus indicates only an approximate direction of the north and the south.
The magnetosphere, which is the space occupied by the magnetic field, is heavily deformed by the solar wind. When these solar particles hit the magnetic field, they create a shock wave and depress the field. On the day side, the magnetosphere is between eight and ten times larger than the radius of the earth. On the night side, it extends high above the lunar orbit (more than 1000 x the radius of the earth). Within the earth's magnetosphere is an annular flow.
The majority of the solar wind particles are trapped the earth's magnetic field and deflected into the space around the earth. Some particles travel to the upper layers of the atmosphere - the ionosphere. When they come in contact with oxygen and nitrogen, these gases emit light creating the so-called northern lights.
The Earth's Magnetism
The full Encyclopedia.
Translated by KENAX Translation Agency.
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Learning Mathematics by Heart - A Questionable Approach

By Lim EeHai

Have you ever tried learning mathematics by heart or memorizing a large amount of mathematical information? Though the course of action is tough-going, the outcome may be good and even fabulous. This approach of learning by heart may suit basic mathematics education or knowledge-based subjects, for example, history. However, does this approach suits learning at a higher level of education?
As mentioned, when the mathematics education is at elementary level, the amount of facts to grasp with may not be large enough to warrant attention and concern. With the good results that it sometimes shows, the approach of learning by heart can even be accepted. But is that the correct or suitable way forward in mathematics education? For mathematics learning at the higher education level, given more complex concepts and mathematical expressions, memorizing information and numerous steps become a challenging chore. The performance of many students of mathematics, who practiced the learning-by-heart method, has been known to suffer drastically. This causes them to fear mathematics lessons and led them into the undesirable mathematics anxiety situation. Their confidence over solving mathematics questions declined as a result. Mathematics at a higher level calls for a mixture of mathematical solving tools and detailed analysis of the solving strategy. Selection of a suitable tools and its associated strategy to solving a given mathematics question cannot be accomplished through memorizing as the combination is too wide to cover. Learning at that education level, therefore, takes on a different platform.
A better platform to learning mathematics is to understand mathematical concepts as opposed to placing facts as the focal point. Learn and focus on the why of the solving approach instead of the how, although both complement each other. This is a generic approach whereby practice can start from day one of mathematics lesson. The habit formed to understand mathematical concepts will do them good when advanced mathematics comes into the learning picture. Mathematics is a special subject that differs from the rest of the knowledge-based subjects in that its language is embedded in its mathematical variables, expressions and equations. There can be many twists and turns in asking a simple mathematics question. Without understanding the underlying concepts of the mathematics topic, it will be difficult to move forward or solve the mathematics questions, unless applying the dreadful memorizing approach.
Learning, especially in mathematics, can best be obtained by linking mathematical facts with thinking skill where conceptualization is part of it. The linkages formed will be strengthened over time with many mathematics practices. The ability to solve any mathematics problems at any given time is therefore a true reflection of one's ability to handle mathematics. Learning mathematics by heart will not achieve this target as memory fades with time and quantity. Retention of knowledge goes hand in hand with the depth of understanding.
Albert Einstein once said "Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school." Learning through linkage of mathematical facts with concepts will remain for a long time since true understanding is achieved. Purely memorizing facts, which has negative impact, causes the meaning of mathematics education to be lost when one forgets the knowledge learned.
Therefore, in conclusion, learning mathematics is best taken with focus in concept understanding compared to the pure rigid way of memorizing mathematical facts, since the outcome will last longer with true comprehension of mathematics and its applications. Foster a habit to approach mathematics lessons and tutorials through understanding the concepts involved instead of the numerical facts and specific steps in any given mathematics examples. This habit formed will ease acceptance of complex mathematical concepts later on in higher level of mathematics education.
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Lim EeHai has strong interest in mathematics education and has set up this mathematics site to benefit anyone interested in the teaching and learning of mathematics.
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Advantages to Making Your Own YouTube Videos

By Christain Cullen

Are you a fan of YouTube?

If you enjoy watching free videos online, from a number of different genres, you may be a huge fan of YouTube. Although many internet users only watch videos on YouTube, there are many who also post their own YouTube videos. If you have never done so before, you may be wondering whether or not you really should. To determine whether or not you should make and upload your own videos to the YouTube website, you will want to examine the advantages or the plus sides to doing so.
Perhaps, the biggest advantage to making your own YouTube videos is that your videos can be just about whatever you want them to be. Popular videos on YouTube right now include comedy skits, video blogs, how-to videos, and music videos from up and coming artists. Whether you want to make a video blog of yourself or if you and your friends want to just have fun with a video camera, you can do so.
Of course, when making a YouTube video you will want to use your best judgment. Although YouTube accepts videos on a wide variety of different subjects, you will want to proceed with caution. You should always be cautious of online predators; therefore, you will want to be cautious about divulging too much information about yourself. You might not necessarily think about it, but you also want to make sure that you don't record and post anything illegal on YouTube. It has been said that YouTube regularly works with law enforcement to help solve crimes. That just goes to show that you never really who is watching your videos or what the consequences for posting them might be.
Another one of the many advantages or pros to making your own YouTube videos is that it is relatively easy to do. Of course, you will need to have a video recording device. What is nice is that there are a number of different recording devices that you can use. For instance, many cell phones now come equipped with video recording capabilities. In addition to cell phones, you should also be able to use traditional camcorders or webcams. For the best quality YouTube video, you will want to have a movie editing software program. Movie editing software programs will not only give you the ability to preview your videos, before uploading them to YouTube, but you should also be able to edit them, if you would like to remove something and so on.
Once you made one of your videos and uploaded it onto your computer, you will find that getting your video uploaded to YouTube's website is just as easy. In fact, that is another one of the many advantages to making your own YouTube videos. Just like actually making the video itself, uploading a YouTube video is as easy at it can be. If you have never uploaded a video to YouTube before, you should be able to do, with ease. The YouTube uploading learning curve is so easy that you if you continue to make videos for the YouTube website you will be uploading them and sharing them with the internet community in no time at all.
Another benefit of making your own videos and uploading them to YouTube comes after the fact. After you have uploaded your videos to YouTube and they are available for viewing, anyone with an internet connection can visit the YouTube website to view your videos. This means that just one of you videos may be seen by thousands of people! In fact, if those viewers are registered members of YouTube they can rate your YouTube videos or even leave comments for you. This feature is nice because it gives you positive and sometimes even negative feedback; feedback that can be taken into consideration if and when you choose to make any more YouTube videos.
As you can see, there are a number of pros or advantages to making your own videos to share on YouTube. As you likely know, there are also a number of disadvantages to doing so as well, including safety. However, as long as you display caution when making a YouTube video or when talking with other YouTube members, your YouTube video making experience should be a positive one.
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Why Should YouTube Be Your Main Focus? - A Killer YouTube Strategy

By Christopher G Sulla

Why not something else like MetaCafe or Viddler or other video sharing websites? Why YouTube in particular? Let's have a look at that now.

The First Thing Is That YouTube Is Owned By Google

As I've said before. This has some amazing ramifications for YouTube and for its future. As you might know, YouTube started off as a company that was not owned by Google. In fact, it was only relatively recently that Google purchased them.

If you look at Google and what they're on about, they're in the money-making game. They're interested in making money online. Having a company like Google behind you can only spell good things in terms of success in terms of making money.

That's another thing. Google has deep pockets with money. They can fund a company like YouTube for years to come if they want to. They've decided to back YouTube because they've seen the potential that YouTube has. That's a really clear sign that YouTube is a technology you should keep an eye on.

I think they're the second most-visited website on the Internet right now. I think Google is #1. I've got to double check those stats there, but YouTube is significant.

Google also wants you to be successful. If you're successful, it's going to make them more money as well and make them more successful. So just the fact that they're behind YouTube means that they're working hard to make YouTube as easy for you as possible to be successful.

If you look at the changes that YouTube has gone through since Google purchased them, you can see dramatic differences. You can see it in the AdSense program that's been introduced in the YouTube videos. You can see in the different designs and layouts that they've been working towards. You can see how YouTube videos are ranking much better inside the Google search engines. Having Google on their side is just huge.

YouTube Videos Rank In Google Search Results

So you've got that on your side. If you're only submitting to YouTube, your chances of getting ranked in Google are so much higher compared to all the other video sharing sites.

It's An Incredible Traffic Source

This is sort of an understatement, but if you look at YouTube, they just recently reached one billion views per day. I'm not even sure if we can visualize that number, but imagine one billion coins, you'd probably be able to fill up a whole stadium full of coins. One billion views a day is huge, and this is just from one website.

In 2008 a study was done that showed that there were 71 million unique users in each month. That number has probably been superseded by now, but this is the latest information we have on that particular statistic. It's a huge plus. If you're not using this as a traffic generation source, you're missing out.

I think with the example that I used, FreeMagicLive, we've only touched the surface. We've really just scratched the surface and we're already sitting on 15,000 people on our email list.

It Is A Search Engine On Its Own

Have you ever gone to YouTube and started searching for something, like in the search box right over here? More and more people now are using YouTube as their main search engine compared to Google. Is this perhaps a trend that's going to continue in the future and instead of people just doing searches on Google, just go to YouTube to do searches? Perhaps YouTube will become the #1 site where people want to search for information.

Think about this. What are the implications? If YouTube is potentially going to become the #1 search engine in the world, what are the implications for your online business? And would you want to be in the right place at the right time with YouTube? I definitely think so.

YouTube Is Not Just For Teenagers Anymore

This is a question that I've had from a lot of people. They say, "Sure, you were able to get success on YouTube, but your market is only for teenagers." Now that may have been the case when YouTube was just starting out, but now things have changed. Demographics for YouTube are changing and they are changing at a massive rate. It's not just for teenagers anymore, so if you're marketing to other age groups, this is good news.

Teenagers are still the highest number, but as you'll see in some of these statistics, YouTube is great for other age groups as well. Look at this: 85% of the United States population has watched YouTube videos. That's huge. 85% of the whole United States has watched a YouTube video. This is incredible!

But now, look at this. 71% of males between 45-54 have watched a YouTube video. How cool is that? And this is the other thing, look at all these other age groups combined. These are people who normally have money. These are people who have jobs and can afford to pay for something online. If you add up all these people, that's far more than just the teenagers.

And you'll see a similar trend here for the females. Look at these percentages of people who've watched YouTube videos in their lifetime. It's not just teenagers. This is something to keep in mind when you think about using YouTube as a potential traffic source for your website.

YouTube Demographics Are Changing

It's not just for the teenagers anymore. As those teenagers grow up, they become older, they start getting jobs, and they start moving into a different demographic themselves.

What we're seeing here is a typical new technology adoption cycle. You may have seen what's called the S-curve. It looks something like this, and this is a typical curve for new technology that gets introduced into a new market. For YouTube it's no different. They went through a massive growth phase here. I think they slowly started in 2005 and then had this exponential growth. We're sitting at 2010 right now, so this is where we are now.

That means that you still have a window of two years to get your act together and to start doing stuff on YouTube, because this part of the market here, none of these people are on YouTube yet. If this S-curve is true, that means there's going to be a lot of people still joining YouTube, and you want to be in the right position once they're all online and watching videos. You want to have your videos already up there by 2012.

It's critical that you start getting something online as soon as possible, on YouTube in particular. This is where things are at. This is backed up by research done by the YouTube 2009 Report. It's an independent research company that did the research for that.

Let's move on. Think about the implications of these statistics. Think about these demographics and what that means for you as a business online. How can you position yourself so that you can be in the best possible position when this mainstream, people in the US and the UK, hit YouTube and get on YouTube and start interacting on YouTube on a regular basis?

What Are The Implications For Your Business Now?

What do you need to do now to start getting ready for that? Think about that. What does it mean for you right now, and what does it mean for you in the future? There are already things you could do now that could help you get set up in the future for YouTube.

You have an early mover advantage. 2012 is a peak for the mainstream in the US and the UK. I haven't even looked at statistics for places like China or India, and their populations are huge. That's why I think we're really just at the start of the curve still. If you have to combine the whole statistics for the whole world, there's going to be some very exciting things happening for YouTube. That's my prediction.

The "YouTube Beach Head Strategy"

What is all this leading to? I'm a really strong believer in focus. I picked up this strategy. I'm calling it the YouTube Beachhead Strategy. The reason why I'm doing this is because I really believe that you need to focus all your attention on one thing if you want to be successful. Focus on that, get it right, and then once you've got it under your belt, move on to the next thing.

So what is this? In simple terms, the Beachhead Strategy is to find a big ball and roll with it. That's really all it means. It's about finding a big player in the market, someone like YouTube in this case, and just go with the flow with them. Jump on board and use them as your leverage. It's about focused leverage, and focus in this case is focusing on YouTube.

Where did I get this idea from? I got it from a guy called Geoffrey Moore, an amazing thinker. He wrote a book called Crossing The Chasm for the high tech industry. What he talked about was for any new technology, you have this product adoption cycle where it starts with the early innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards.

This is typical for any new technology entering into the market. What Geoffrey Moore discovered was that with new technologies there's normally what he calls a gap or chasm. This is where most new high tech startup companies fall into this chasm. They get to this point here and they run out of customers. They fall into this chasm and you never hear of them again. They disappear.

He talked about creating a beachhead strategy and it's like a beachhead that you can use for jumping over to the early majority. It gives you this jumping point to get into the early majority. Once you hit the early majority, that's when you hit the tipping point. That's when things go big time for you.

I'm using this idea and I'm saying that if you want to go hit the tipping point for your industry, for your niche, use YouTube as your beachhead strategy. Use YouTube to help you get the early majority for your niche, because it's one of the best vehicles to use right now to help you get major amounts of traffic to your site.

This is what it's all driving towards. I hope you can appreciate what I'm saying here. With the power of YouTube and the fact that they're teamed up with Google, it's just incredible. We live in incredible times.

You can go out and try and spread your attention and use a whole bunch of different video sharing sites, different strategies, on different platforms and things, and end up spreading yourself so thin that you don't show any results, but this strategy has been tested and proved and I'm now just applying it to YouTube. This is why I call it the YouTube Beachhead Strategy. I hope you can understand why you need to get onto YouTube as soon as possible and focus your attention there.
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