Wednesday, 29 August 2012

10 Benefits of Submitting Articles to Ezines

By Diana Barnum

Online marketers all have their own web pages that talk about the products or services they offer. Part of a successful business strategy is directing ample traffic to these websites. And an online marketer may accomplish this goal in many ways.

Purchasing advertisements is a good way, for instance. But this can cost big bucks.

Hiring someone to make top notch videos can be great, too, for video marketing on the web. But this, too, can cost bucks.

Writing articles about the product or service and including back links on the web page in a byline or resource box that directs the visitor to the sales page is a better way. Whether you write the articles yourself or hire a ghost writer, costs are minimal. And on the World Wide Web, there are lots of ezines, article directories and free content websites that are always on the lookout for new content.

Note some of the benefits:

1. You get to create your very own branded message at the bottom of your articles. Don't neglect to leave out your name, business identity, all your credentials, email address, web page URL and other details in your resource box.

2. You will be treated as a professional in the field of the subject of the articles you write. As you work on, you earn credibility and this helps you survive in a world where the competition can be tough.

3. If you are lucky, the articles you write may be published on the publisher's home page or other places for extra exposure to search engines and people.

4. Some ezine publishers archive their issues on their web sites. This will show off your articles to a lot more people than you ever imagined, as consumers often read back issues before actually subscribing.

5. Advertising will come virtually free. As a result, you can invest your profits in other more innovative forms of advertising for your business; for example, you can buy advertising space in ezines that don't yet publish your articles.

6. There is always the possibility of raking in some extra cash. People who have read your articles might want you to do some writing for them. You may be asked to pen your own book or speak at prestigious seminars. Talk about income supplementation!

7. You can let ezine publishers publish your articles in their free reports or ebooks, as people tend to share these resources, so you can get noticed in a big way.

8. Your article can end up being published all over the internet if you submit it to such an ezine that has a free content directory on their web page. Visitors can use your articles for their own needs, and you can be the center of attention of a lot of people in this way.

9. Subscribers will come to trust you. Once they've read your article and rated it positively, they will be open to buying your product or service or idea. Automatically, profits can start soaring.

10. Work in sync with other ezines and business people in general. If they publish your writing, agree to publish theirs.

The best thing about ezines is that you brand your articles and yourself in the long run. The resource box is the tool that will allow you do achieve this.

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