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How to Easily Get to Sleep

How to Easily Get to Sleep

By Trevor Johnson

Let's face it, counting sheep doesn't often cut it when you want to easily get to sleep. You spend more time concentrating on the wooly creatures than you do falling to sleep. Here are some techniques that will help you to get to sleep easily without resorting to pills and potions.

Give yourself some unwind time

Your mind doesn't have an on/off switch. It needs time to slow down. So if it's still buzzing when you decide to go off to bed, it just won't play ball.

It needs time to calm down.

Give yourself 30 to 60 minutes relax time before you go to bed. You'll find that you're rewarded with a much better night's sleep.

Get a routine

Your body is a creature of habit. Which means that it likes to do things at certain times.

Take a look at your daily routine and see how much of it really does fit a pattern.

Your sleep times should be just as ritualized. Sure, there can be some variation so you can stay up and watch that late movie every now and then.

But as a general option, keep your bed time roughly the same most nights.

Your body will then get used to the idea that at a certain time you're in bed and that soon after that you're in the land of dreams.

Cut out background noise if possible

Some noises you have control over, others are external and you can't do much - if anything - about them.

Any noises and buzzes from stuff around the house need addressing. It could simply be a matter of closing another door to give that extra distance from the noises in question.

External noises are less easy to deal with and you may have to settle for masking them with some extra noise of your own. This is easy to do if you sleep alone, a lot less easy if you share your room with a partner.

But if you - or both of you - can cope with some low level extra background noise that could be a good solution. Whale sounds, rainfall, ambient music, whatever works for you. You can even get pillows with built in speakers nowadays,

Go dark

Historically we slept in the dark, give or take some moonlight or twinling stars. There's so much light pollution nowadays that we need to counteract it.

Blackout curtains or curtain liners are inexpensive but they only work for external lights.

Chances are that you've got other lights in your bedroom - your alarm clock, the standby lights that glow, that kind of thing. Take the time to cover up these extra sources so that your bedroom is as close to pitch black as possible.

Use hypnosis

There are hypnosis downloads out there which will help you to drift off to sleep easily.

They have several advantages over other techniques - they're a one-off cost, they come with built in relaxation and someone else is doing the hard work of concentrating on what needs to be said, leaving you with just one task: easily getting to sleep.

Get more help with how to get to sleep easily and check out these ideas to fall asleep quicker.

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