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8 Tips for Remaining Ageless and Relevant in Today's Job Market

8 Tips for Remaining Ageless and Relevant in Today's Job Market

By C. A. Stapleton

In today's volatile employment environment, job seekers must demonstrate that they are both forward thinking and technologically savvy. Here are eight tips to present yourself as both in your resume.

1. Always add your email address, mobile number, and your LinkedIn address to your resume. Don't have a LinkedIn Profile? Then you need to get one. Many employers prefer to read a LinkedIn profile rather than a lengthy resume and, if the profile includes relevant reference information, it can, possibly, speed up the hiring process.

2. If you have a Twitter address, don't include it on your resume. But, do include "ability to use social media sites such as Twitter, Digg, Skype, and YouTube" (or any other sites you know and use). However, be sure that you really do know and understand the use of the social media sites you list.

3. Make the top one-third of your resume dynamic, interesting, and current. In today's job market, employers want to know what you can do for them right now rather than focusing on what you have done in the past. So, avoid using "experienced", "trained", and "seasoned" as well as number of years of experience.

4. Steer clear of old and tired resume language such as "objective", "objective statement", and "references available upon request". Don't waste the employer's time, he/she already knows what your objective is (to get the job) and it should be a given that you are going to provide references.

5. When listing your skills and abilities always list the ones you perform best first. If you had relevant past experience that applies to the job you are seeking today and still feel confident that you can perform the same tasks today, then highlight those skills by placing them in the "value added" section in the top one-third of your resume.

6. Don't forget to highlight your soft skills as well as your hard skills. If you are adept in networking or are a born leader, then those skills should be underscored along with your up-to-date hard skills.

7. Add a QR bar code to your resume or cover letter so that it can be scanned and reviewed on an employer's mobile phone. Nothing says technology savvy better than making it convenient for the employer to view your information. QR codes can easily be generated on the computer and can be copied and pasted onto a resume or cover letter for an extra look at me "punch".

8. Lastly, make sure that you have included a listing of relevant and significant keywords for your targeted position somewhere in your resume. Before you send out your resume for employers to review, pull applicable keywords from job listings and place them in a "specialties" or "keywords" section in your resume. Once you have created your section, place a "specialties" section in the top one-third of your resume,or, if you elect to use a section entitled "keywords" place it at the very end of your resume.

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