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All About Super Mario Brothers 3

All About Super Mario Brothers 3

By Kathy Mercado

The character Mario took a small Nintendo company in Japan and made it into a Super Nintendo Company, almost overnight. The Mario game made the Nintendo one of the most preferred and enjoyed consoles of all time. The Mario brothers game when played on the Super Nintendo makes it a combination that's worth every penny. One of the best versions of Mario was Super Mario 3.

In Super Mario 3, Mario is on an adventure to save the damsel princess in distress. The princess is kept captive eight worlds apart by the enemy, Bowser. Mario has to travel through all the tough times and rough weather to reach the princess and rescue her.

The entire journey is fun and interesting. To cross each world you have several challenges to face. The challenges are easy to tackle by using the assistance available, such as mushrooms to make you grow bigger, or even walking time bombs that you can throw at your enemies.

Boo Diddly is one character that appears at many stages in the castle. Do not stare at these characters as they could get close and attack you. It is best to avoid them and run as fast as you can.

The Power-up process can help the little Mario shoot up and become a powerful Super Mario. There are circumstances that you have to be powerful and immune to attacks, which is when becoming the most powerful Mario is very important. To become the giant Mario, you have to consume the Mushroom that comes your way. The mushrooms come after breaking the bricks throughout the game. You can also eat on the leaf to add to your super Mario suit.

A neat tool you can use is the Koopa Shells that keep you covered from your enemies. Grab any turtle shells you come across, and use these to attack your enemies. Dry Bones that appear in your way help you fly and bounce along, thus giving you the ability to fly over enemies.

Super Mario has always been one of my favorite games. If you haven't played Super Mario yet, it's time to find a copy and enjoy the fun.

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