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America's Top 200 Attributes

America's Top 200 Attributes

By Christie Ray Harrisonand Jeff Davidson

Technology and Industrialism

1. A phone system that works virtually all of the time
2. Electricity and running water
3. Toilets and toilet paper
4. Easy access to the Internet
5. Email
6. Instant messaging
7. Skype and video chat services for long-distance communication
8. Social networking sites
9. Cell phones and text messaging
10. Shops with free Wi-Fi
11. Digital cameras
12. Central heating and cooling
13. ATMs
14. Washing machines and dryers
15. Food blenders
16. Microwaves
17. Target and Wal-Mart
18. Coffeemakers
19. TiVo and DVR
20. Ability to pay bills online
21. Google
22. YouTube
23. Digital cameras

Capitalism (In flux)

24. The stability of currency
25. The entrepreneurial spirit
26. The stock market, yes, even now
27. Self-employment opportunities galore
28. A diverse job market
29. Mail and delivery services
30. Free interstate commerce


31. Airports that are usually well-functioning
32. The interstate highway system
33. Highway rest areas
34. Low gasoline prices (compared to Europe)
35. Public transportation
36. U.S. passports
37. Car and truck dealerships
38. Taxis

Health and Diet

39. The variety of foods available
40. Availability of locally grown produce
41. Foods from all around the world
42. Farmers' Markets
43. Health clubs, gyms, and exercise equipment
44. The vitamin industry
45. WebMD (
46. Organic supermarkets
47. Increasing crop yields
48. Cookbooks
49. DVDs and TV channels dedicated to health, diet, and exercise
50. Availability of flu shots
51. Standards for immunizations
52. Dental and orthodontic care
53. Variety of specialized care available
54. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Freedom and Equality

55. The Constitution and its amendments
56. The peaceful transference of power
57. Religious freedom
58. The right to peaceful assembly
59. Freedom of expression
60. Traditional presidential pardons
61. Freedom of speech
62. Freedom of the press
63. Democracy and the right to vote
64. Accessible polls for voting
65. Diversity
66. Social mobility

Access to Information and Education

67. Elementary, middle, and high schools
68. The variety of DVDs, CDs, digital programs, and books available
70. Debates on live television
71. Public libraries
72. Business, law, and medical schools, etc.
73. Endowments and scholarship programs
74. Major daily newspapers
75. Live television news
76. Instantly up-to-date online news
77. How-to and do-it-yourself blogs and websites
78. Wikipedia
79. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and reference books on all topics
80. The community college system
81. Online higher education programs
82. A&E, TLC, and History Channel productions
83. PTA
84. Public museums
85. Standards for literacy


86. The Red Cross
87. Telethons
88. Per capita contributions to charity organizations
89. The United Way
90. Relief organizations
91. Civic participation and volunteerism
92. Homeless shelters
93. Big brother/big sister programs
94. Goodwill, thrift stores, and consignment shops
95. Senior discounts
96. Foster homes
97. Adoption agencies
98. Meals on Wheels
99. Foundations for cancer research
100. National months of awareness for a variety of issues
101. YMCA and YWCA
102. Salvation Army

Safety and Protection

103. Emergency operating rooms
104. Clean water
105. Air that's safe to breathe
106. Maternity wards
107. Emergency response systems
108. Ambulances and emergency rooms
109. Free clinics
110. Urgent care centers
111. The U.S. Department of Defense
112. Clean, safe streets and highways
113. Traffic lights, well-marked road signs and lanes
114. Copyright laws
115. Restaurant and food sanitation standards
116. The FDA
117. Free public restrooms
118. The watchdog aspect of the press
119. The system of juris prudence (usually)
120. Daycare centers
121. Seatbelts and airbags
122. The Armed Forces
123. The police force
124. The fire department
125. Neighborhood watch programs
126. Adopt-a-street and adopt-a-waterway programs
127. Pets on leashes (usually)
128. Trash and recycling pick-up

Traditions and Ceremonies

129. Cookouts and barbecues
130. Graduation ceremonies
131. Family farms
132. Family reunions
133. Baby and wedding showers
134. Easter egg hunts
135. Trick or treat-ing
136. Exchanging Christmas gifts
137. Memorial Day, Labor Day
138. Thanksgiving
139. 4th of July celebrations and fireworks
140. The Times Square New Year's Eve celebration and ball drop


141. Theme parks
142. State fairs
143. Rock and roll music
144. Country music
145. Disney World, Disney Land
146. Universal Studios
147. Sea World
148. Variety in music
149. Magazines for every interest
150. Mp3 players
151. Little Leagues
152. Talk Radio
153. Award shows
154. Major League Baseball
155. National Football League
156. National Hockey League
157. Major League Soccer
158. Professional golf, tennis, and other sports
159. College sports
160. Comedians
161. Public recreation facilities
162. Hiking, walking, and biking trails
163. Zoos
164. Aviaries
165. Aquariums
166. Sport camps
167. Podcasts and webcasts
168. Venues for music and the dramatic arts
169. Cultural festivals
170. Arts festivals, music festivals
171. Ski resorts

Sites and Attractions

172. The national park system
173. The reclamation of lakes and waterways
174. Safe campgrounds
175. The beaches
176. The mountain ranges
177. Varied geography, even within states
178. Variety of sizes of towns and cities
179. The Grand Canyon
180. Mt. Rushmore
181. Nashville, Tennessee
182. Chicago
183. Hawaii
184. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
185. Niagra Falls, New York

Organizations and Institutions

186. The American Dental Association
187. Senior communities
188. Scouting organizations
189. Colleges and universities
190. American Association of Retired Persons
191. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
192. American Medical Association
193. American Bar Association

Historical Landmarks

194. Washington, D.C.
195. Jamestown
196. Alaska
197. New York City
198. Boston
199. College towns
200. Gettysburg

Christie Ray Harrison is a student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, N.C. She will graduate in May 2012 with a degree in Editing and Graphic Design. She has experience in a wide variety of journalism-related industries, including copyediting, graphic design, public relations, writing, magazine design, social media, and marketing. She can be found online at

Jeff Davidson is "The Work-Life Balance Expert�," a preeminent time management authority, the author of 56 mainstream books, and an electrifying professional speaker, making 778 presentations since 1985. He the author of "Breathing Space," and "Simpler Living," and his 60 Second Series with Adams Media, including the 60-Second Organizer, 60-Second Self-Starter, and 60-Second Innovator, are popular titles in China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Poland, Spain, France, and Brazil. Jeff can be found online at

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