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Autumn Wedding Ideas

Autumn Wedding Ideas

By Lia Bens

Getting married in the autumn can be a beautiful time - the colors of the trees, the smells in the air. I don't know about you, but autumn for me marks the beginning of a new life so what could be more fit for a new marriage than an autumn themed wedding.

Autumn is colorful and rustic, and it also carries something romantic about it in the cool and crisp air that smells of fallen leaves. Nature is at its most beautiful then so imagine what it would be like to have an outdoor wedding during this time.

Planning and coordinating a wedding is no walk in the park, but if you pick a theme and stick to it, it can make life a lot easier. Thanks to nature, an autumn theme makes life so easy - just pick earthy colors of reds, oranges or even moss in a variety of tones that suit your needs. You have a lot of inspirations for autumn themed decorations and combining this with candles can give you a loving touch.

For an autumnal color scheme pick burnt oranges, burgundy reds or even a chocolate brown. It's easy to combine these colors for an elegant scheme, but even to use these on their own can also depict a bit of decadence.

Opt for a rustic feel to add to the autumn feel. Decorate with corn dolls or even outside flowers. An avian theme would go nicely with the autumn feel with birds' nests table decoration scattered with some colorful leaves. Hire a barn or simply a marquis and add a touch of glamour with some deep orange or red colored lanterns - or even white, if you're looking for something sparklier.

Gowns and tuxes can also maintain the theme, and even with a white bridal dress, you can have it decorated at the bottom with embroidered leaves and have the bridesmaids dresses a rich chocolate brown or burnt orange. Skip the dainty shoes and opt for more non-traditional shoes such as cowboy boots to reflect the rustic nature of autumn!� Tuxedos need not necessarily be black and the choice for a brown or even a tweed jacket could complement the natural themes.

Carry the theme right into the food with seasonal dishes made from locally sourced produce that'll guarantee to maximize taste. Even the wedding cake flavours should embrace what the fall season has to offer, think apple and cinnamon or even a delicious and rich pumpkin butterscotch cake as well as rich chocolate! You can opt for a three-layer wedding cake decorated with autumnal motifs such as leaves, branches and fall flowers to name but a few.

The great thing about planning an autumn wedding is that you'll never be short of ideas, and the season itself can perhaps fill you with inspiration for that perfect wedding.

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