Saturday, 15 September 2012

Do You Think Getting Free Electricity For Your Home is Possible?

Do You Think Getting Free Electricity For Your Home is Possible?

By Kerry Harnetiaux

Is free electricity for your home a myth?

Not really. You will have a small investment but after you have made the initial expense it will be free after. This is technology that has been around for a long time. It has been tested but has not been made public.

If you want free electricity for your home you can do some research and find a way. One of the most popular methods involves magnets. Using the pull of the magnets will rotate a motor that produces the electricity. This is one of the cheapest ways to make electricity.

Some of the other ways will require your to build solar panels or wind turbines. Both of these methods can be great. The problem with these two methods are that the weather is a major factor in the results you will get.

Getting free electricity for your home will mean substantial savings. You will be able to save the monthly expense. This means you can use that money for something else. What a wonderful idea to be able to use the monthly $100 - $300 for something besides necessities.

If you research the history of electricity you will find a lot of information that wasn't taught to us in school. At least I didn't know about some of this stuff. I had no idea who Nikola Tesla was. I didn't realize that George Westinghouse, the head of Westinghouse Electric Company, bought a patent that Tesla invented. Just understanding that will open a whole new concept of what took place with this technology.

Free electricity for your home is possible if you keep an open mind and investigate the methods available.

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