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Eating to Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

Eating to Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

By Sherry Ann Smith

Making healthy food choices is an important part of life, and choosing wisely can seriously impact your cholesterol levels. Maintaining low levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) while maintaining high levels of HDL (good cholesterol) can lower your risk of heart attack and stroke. Below is a list of foods you can supplement your diet with. They will help you balance your healthy cholesterol levels.

* Garlic contains high levels of antioxidants to help your body manage its cholesterol levels.

* Spinach and other dark, leafy vegetables contain high levels of lutein, which can help break down cholesterol buildup.

* Olive Oil and canola oil can replace saturated fats in your diet with mono-saturated fats, which boost HDL levels.

* Nuts are a high source of fiber, antioxidants and mono-saturated fats, all of which are great for your cholesterol.

* Whole grains are also high in antioxidants. Incorporating them in your diet instead of bleached and processed foods will go a long way towards improving your health.

* Beans, especially navy, kidney, and pinto beans, provide soluble fibers to help your body maintain a high HDL count.

* Salmon, sardines, and herring lead the types of fish that are high in Omega 3, a fatty acid, which helps your body produce HDL cholesterol.

* Oat bran is a cholesterol super food, lowering bad cholesterol while boosting good cholesterol levels!

* Avocado, long thought of as a fatty food, has been shown to be high in mono-saturated fats. These fats actively lower your cholesterol, making avocados a great addition to your diet.

* One hidden benefit of delicious dark chocolates are the chemicals known as flavonoids. These chemicals help lower LDL cholesterol and protect against heart disease.

* Like chocolate, tea also contains flavonoids, a natural antioxidant that helps reduce your bad cholesterol count.

This list of dietary staples will make your cholesterol levels healthier if you work them into your diet.

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