Monday, 10 September 2012

How to Get Women to Like You - Know This and Have Them Begging to Date You

How to Get Women to Like You - Know This and Have Them Begging to Date You

By John L Banks

Throughout your dating life you may have tried many different tactics and techniques to get women to like you so that they can go on a date with you. A small percentage of the time it may have worked but most times you just ended up getting rejected and having that negative feeling in the pit of your stomach begin to take over your thoughts.

The fact of the matter is that knowing how to get a woman to like you is one of the most important things you should know throughout your life because once you know this you can live a dating life that is exciting, fun and puts you in a position of control because you choose who you want to date. In this article I will outline two tips you can use now to get a woman to like you.


One thing all women like in a man is someone who has a sense of style. Because women can have any man they desire they want something that nobody has. Your job therefore is to stand out with your personal style and convey an image of authority and mystery that is very attractive to the woman.

This means if everyone is dressing a certain way always do the opposite because you still stand out and draw more attention to yourself because women will be interested in why you dressed the way you dress and this is a great topic of conversation because women love to talk about fashion.


Another thing you must remember when getting women interested in you is to always have a clean image and good hygiene. Women are not going to like someone who does not shower, brush his hair or use deodorant because they find that disgusting.

That means you should always get haircuts, use deodorant and use cologne to attract the women to you. These things may seem minor but women look at very subtle things and make judgments about your personality so make sure to take care of yourself

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