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The World View of Blogging

The World View of Blogging

By Bill Ames

The world of blogging is spreading around the world and is having an impact everywhere. For those of us who like to sit in our home offices and work to create our own future in front of a computer screen, there is opportunity aplenty in a new cyber world created by limitless information transmitted in global broadband communications.

Blogs at the basic level are just another form of web site that now populates the web in the many millions. But the concept of blogging goes well beyond the traditional commerce driven website and instead responds to a very basic urge of individuals to express themselves. The attraction of blogging is that it offers the opportunity to create a sense of community amongst like minded or even disparate peoples. To create a feeling of community, there are many different features that allow blogging to grow such as showing photos, making a journal, expounding on political views and so forth. Underpinning these features is the hard benefit that with advertising, AdSense and so forth there is a way to create a revenue stream. All together, with these features and benefits, bloggers have produced a movement that is literally reshaping the world.

Prior to the creation of the World Wide Web, political scientists and others saw 'the real world' mostly in terms of nations, states, corporations and churches. Information technology is changing that view and today plays a very large role in the accelerating rate of change societal change. Perhaps the most famous single incident was in 1991 in Tiananmen Square in China in 1991 where the use of the fax machine by the student organizers was instrumental in generating the needed buzz. Their efforts were so successful that over 10,000 appeared on that Sunday afternoon in the square. And they did so under the noses of the Chinese Army.

Today technology again is creating societal change via the blogging movement and is expanding the scope of the people's involvement in world affairs. Blogs such as Drudge Report, Daily Kos, Red State, and others, all operated by a small band of information entrepreneurs, present facts, semi-facts, opinions and just plain information to millions around the globe at virtually no cost to the recipients and remarkably little expense to the bloggers. As broadband and blogging software and services continue to improve, the implications of the blogging movement are the subject of many magazine articles and books. We live in a world where the rate of speed in the introduction of new technologies is increasing all the time, so it hard to predict just where the future lies but it is easy to see that the web and blogging is a good place to invest one's creative energy.

If the thought of being active on the web appeals to you, why is blogging for you? Simply because it is very rare when an opportunity arises that requires little start up cost and, in most cases, virtually no cost of goods sold with a global market at your finger tips. Best of all, blogging allows us as individuals to rely on what we have in great supply - the grey matter of our brains - and with that we can create, from seemingly out of nowhere, ideas for fun and/or profit that may never have occurred to corporate America.

And like those Chinese students, if you are really lucky, as you sit at your keyboard in your home office, you may just end up helping to change the world.

Bill Ames is a home based information entrepreneur in the Boston, MA area. His web site is where he offers for sale his e-book "Building A Blog Empire for Profit."

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