Tuesday, 20 November 2012

ADHD Tip - Jenny McCarthy, A Gluten Free Diet, And A Battle Against Autism Just Might Impact ADHD

ADHD Tip - Jenny McCarthy, A Gluten Free Diet, And A Battle Against Autism Just Might Impact ADHD

By Rory Stern

Just this evening I was speaking with a close friend about parenting and some of the struggles that we as parents face today. We talked about difficulties with bullying, progress reports, behavioral outbursts, as well as how to approach other parents when difficulties occur between children.

Shortly into our conversation, my friend asked me if I had seen the latest news on Jenny McCarthy and her son's struggle with autism.

"No, I haven't," I replied.

While I might not have all the details down exactly, and I personally did not hear her talk, I truly believe the underlying message is what really counts in this case.

As it was explained to me, and from what I have read online, Jenny McCarthy's son has been diagnosed with autism. It all apparently came to light after her son suffered a few seizures and one that ultimately led to cardiac arrest. And this all happened while Jenny was on tour promoting her latest book at the time.

I might be missing some details here, but what is remarkable is that Ms. McCarthy did not simply rest with her son being diagnosed with autism.

Instead, she reached out for help. She turned to research and read up on the latest findings, the latest trends, and found out about certain alternatives that have worked for other parents.

After trying a gluten-free diet, it appears that her son has shown some "improvement." According to her report, her son recently connected with a cartoon show where he had otherwise shown no interaction.

Just hearing her son laugh, she was brought to tears with the hope that perhaps something else was going on with her son.

Or perhaps that there was something more she could do.

Just maybe her son would be "normal."

Imagine that!

Here is a problem or difficult situation faced by many parents. Regardless of whether the diagnosis is autism or ADHD, the take-aways are the same.

  • You have to believe.

  • You have to fight hard.

  • You have to keep your options open.

  • You have to be willing to try alternatives - even if they never work for you.

  • You have to look for answers.

  • You need to be informed.

  • Most of all, you have to keep trying and fighting even in the face of despair and almost uncertain failure.
  • While a gluten-free diet might not be the answer for you or your child, or even ADHD for that matter, the important point is that you need to consider what else might be happening here.

    What else might you be able to do to find out what is affecting your child?

    You have to be willing to ask the questions.

    Sure, Jenny McCarthy has the money and resources to explore these options.

    I get it!

    An ADHD diagnosis can shatter your life as you know it, but it does not have to, especially if you do not stop with the diagnosis. You must continue finding out about the latest information and treatment options.

    Can you imagine the devastation if someone got it wrong?

    Or what if the slightest change in your life or your child's life made all the difference for your child with ADHD?

    To learn more about ADHD and what might really be impacting your child, I invite you to visit and sign up for your 7 part mini-course on the dirty little secrets behind ADHD.

    I would also like to invite you to ask your most pressing question about ADHD and how it could be affecting your family and your child.

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