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Birth Pains WWIII / 2016 AD

Birth Pains WWIII / 2016 AD

By Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.

I shouldn't give a date, it seems so Godly, when I see someone do that, and no one knows the time or place when WW111 will descend on us; did I say when? Woops, pardon me; it has, has it not, already landed. I've written in the past several articles for magazines and one book on end time events. And I suppose I shall continue until it takes place fully or I'm dead. We are in WWIII, and I think we all know it, perhaps not say it too loud, but we know it. So what is this article about, you might be asking: it is about something we all, already know: end time events, WWIII IS HAPPENING. Now let me point some obvious things out to you to show we are in the center of the hurricane.

Osama Bin Ladden, is as I pointed out before, and I still hold the truth to that statement, one of the prophets of doom, sent from Hell, to do it's bidding. Why do I say that, and when I say prophet, I do not mean the main man, the Antichrist, he is coming, he is near by, and Ladden is simply the stooge to the false prophet, who is the gofer to the Antichrist. All dangerous, even though I call them names, I must respect them for who they are.

--We are witnessing at this very moment in our time, terrorist attacks, and have in the past five years seen more than what the mind can digest in this area. And we are all simply waiting, I MEAN waiting for the next attack on the USA, and we all know it is coming. It is simply a matter of when and where, the 'if' has been taken out of the equation not only by the Government of the USA, but also by the world.

Point two: we will most likely have a war with Iran; it is in the makings at this very moment, as this war will lead into war with China and Russia. China and Russia are having war games together at this very moment, why? To get ready to fight the USA, silly you say, it is too obvious to be silly, to be quite frank.

I think we will see some more destruction in Europe, especially Rome, where the Vatican is. I also think Paris is ripe for a few more storms. I had mentioned this before, and it did occur, not because I am a prophet, I do not claim to be; but it is simply obvious, they've tried a half dozen times to bring Paris to its knees, the City of the world, along with New York City, it will come down. We are dealing with symbolism here, as in Rome.

To put it blunt: we will see many cities fall to their knees, not just Rome, and Paris, it is part of the events to take place, written in several books on prophecy, and no sense in rocking the boat when it has shown to be balanced properly.

We have seen many dictators in the world, the most recent evil ones being Napoleon, and Hitler, and now on the agenda is the 'Little Horn' the one we have been waiting for. He will show up, and perhaps has already, we just have not noticed him running around, should he take his cloths off, he will be spotted, for he has a tail: the Antichrist.

What would cause a worldwide panic? How about a crust movement? The earth is not indestructible; it has its balancing act it must do, for none other than you and me. It is a living creature you could say. And when you wound it, it gets hurt, bends, and all that kind of stuff; this friend is on the menu, should a nuclear war come about, and it will.

As bleak as I paint this picture, life will not cease, only a whole lot of people; I'm sure I will be one of them, and perhaps you; so I suggest, you get your house in order.

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