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Free White Pages

Free White Pages

By Scott Kintraw

Free white pages are available to everyone who uses the web. Whether you want to search for someone's address and phone number, or do a reverse phone or reverse address search, or a search for an email address, you can do it online.

But where do you actually get free white pages on the web?

This article will list the best places to get searchable and free white pages, and explore other techniques you can use, so that you can find the person, number or address you want quickly and easily.

USA - Whitepages offers a people and business search, plus reverse phone, reverse address and email searching. Only a last name, plus the city or zip code are required for the simple free white pages search. Results include full address and phone number, current time at the location and sometimes other details like a street map.

Canada - Whitepages offers a similar free white pages search for Canada. Only the ads and color scheme are different to the USA version.

England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland - BT offers a fast white pages search based on the person's surname and town. Again, results will include full address details and a map showing the address location.

Other countries - Numberway has a well-organized directory of all international white pages services, with several phone book options available for every country. If they don't list it, the chances are it doesn't exist yet.

If you do a lot of searching for phone numbers, and you use the Firefox browser, you should consider adding the special people search toolbar, which allows you to do white pages and reverse phone number lookups directly. Once installed, it will always be available to use. It is free.

You probably would have guessed that you can use Google to find free white pages information (currently, for the USA only).

If you search for a person's name and city in Google, you will see any relevant results at the top of the search results listings. For best results, type the person's first name (or the first name's initial), the full last name and the city of residence into the search box. You can also use the state or the zip code instead of the city name. Reverse lookups in Google require the phone number and area code.

Yahoo also offers a dedicated free white pages search for the USA, plus an email and reverse phone number search.

Now - go and get them! For direct links to all these white pages and people finder resources and more, go to free white pages at kintraw.com

Scott Kintraw writes about all the ways the web can empower everyone.

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