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High Paying Google AdSense Keywords - Top FAQ

High Paying Google AdSense Keywords - Top FAQ

By Asem Eltaher

You must have heard about earning money with Google advertising program and how the job can be properly done to make a living online. However, I am sure that you are curious about how everything is going on. Well, here are some of the answers for the top frequently asked questions.

Q1: How does Google track AdSense?

Well, based on the published policies and magazines, 2 technologies play this role. Depending on the preference of the involved advertisers, Google puts into effect one or more of these concepts. They make use of what is known as contextual targeting wherein ads are placed depending on the analysis done by Google. The other technique is by placement targeting where the advertisers are allowed to list their specific instructions and preferences.

Q2: How to add keywords to websites?

You ought to perform some SEO to know which key phrases you would want to add. Surely, you should add key phrases or search terms that fit to your topic, do not suffer from high competition, and enjoy a decent amount of traffic.

In this manner, you can include the chosen terms in the following positions:

  • The title of the webpage as well as both of the headings H1 and H2.
  • It is a good idea to include them in the "alt" tag of an image.
  • Finally, add these keywords in the content of your published articles.

Q3: How to block AdSense?

Some browsers come with inbuilt plug-ins, which is effective in blocking these ads and, therefore, they will not appear anymore on your webpage. Some more programs are installed like security suites that are also programmed to do this job. In this context, avoid using any software from a non-trusted source as it might be harmful to your computer.

Q4: How to buy AdSense keywords?

It is then your job to visit one of the many companies that offer keyword lists. You can search for these online and should immediately be flooded with a number of results. Other option, which I do recommend for you, is to search for ready made websites for sale. It is really worthwhile to search well for these good offers as you get websites that are already optimized with high paying terms and search engines friendly.

Q5: How many AdSense accounts have been closed?

Online statistics say that around 10-20% of the accounts opened in the year 2008 are banned. To avoid such a situation, you have to be careful and not abuse any of the rights you would have signed when you opened the account.

This includes invalid clicks and using programs to increase revenue by automatically opening and clicking these ads. Even placing ads on banned blogs call for immediate termination of the account.

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