Saturday, 10 November 2012

How to Take Good Care Of Your Electronics

How to Take Good Care Of Your Electronics

By Olushola George Otenaike

If you really want to enjoy your electronics like MP3 players, camcorders, tablet PCs, smartphones and so on, you must take good care of them. Your world is not complete without them but they need special attention from you so that they can work effectively. Even though they cannot fight for their rights to proper use, without adequately allowing them to enjoy these rights, you won't get the best from them. Take note of these tips and get the best from your gadgets.

Use a cover: For electronic devices that are stationary, putting covers on them is ideal when they are not in use. This prevents dust from gaining access into their control panels and cause damages to them. Movable devices like laptops and tablets can also make use of covers. These covers are specially designed to reduce direct contacts with their screens and keyboards thereby making them last longer. These covers will also reduce scratches that may arise through handling.

Use a case: Your devices deserve some respect, hence, get nice cases for them. By so doing, you are doing yourself, and not the devices alone, a great favor. For example, your smartphone or iPad can accidentally fall down at any time and if you don't put it in a case, a serious damage might be done to it. But if you protect it by putting it in a case, you will not need to worry about any accidental damage. In addition, for those of us with kids, it is very important to put our devices in protective cases. Today's kids are very smart (even smarter than the smartphones) and you can never tell what will happen at any point in time.

One day, I forgot my smartphone in the living room while taking my bath. The phone rang and my two-year-old boy decided to help me out so that I won't miss the call (as a businessman, my kids know how calls are important to me). He picked the phone with the intention of bringing it to me in the bathroom. Then suddenly, the phone fell down and there was no protective case around it. Guess what happened? End of the story! Take note the phone could fall down in my own hands too (which happens many times) but the point I'm driving at is that if the phone had gotten a protective case that day, it wouldn't have damaged even after falling down.

Keep them away from water: If you will be going to the beach or pool, or you want to cook and will be using the sink, it is advisable to keep your electronics away from water. If water gets into the components of your devices, it can ruin them and if it is compulsory that you must take them along to these activities, endeavor to keep them in a water-tight box so that they will be protected from water splashes.

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