Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Increase Your Website Visibility on Google, Facebook and Yahoo

Increase Your Website Visibility on Google, Facebook and Yahoo

By Pranav Sinha

All websites are constantly faced with the need to increase the number of visitors they receive. A website is ideally a business existing online which requires web consumers to visit the site and buy the products offered by the business. If a business is not able to draw in web users to its site; its web presence suffers significantly and the business itself suffers from little or no generated income. A website strives to reach out to the highest numbers of web users to increase the chances of these web users translates to business consumers. Online marketing efforts are highly structured to target Google, Facebook and Yahoo as a source of web consumers.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is the commonly used method by websites who seek to draw increased web traffic. Web users begin their search for desired products and services through search engines. The web users simply type in keywords which the search engines then use to locate websites providing the products which the web user is looking for. Websites need to have incorporated these keywords to their web content to make it easy for search engines to locate them. Google and Yahoo are the leading search engines used to search for websites. This is why a number of websites are structuring their content in line with the search ranking requirements of these search engines.

Websites need to use rich keywords which are relevant to the products and services they offer. These keywords are obtained from search engines tools like webmasters which list the keywords popularly used to search for the products which a business provides. The website then incorporates these keywords to its contents and submits articles to online article databases which link back to it. If the keywords are integrated effectively, websites rank highly on search engines and web users can easily access them which eventually translate to sales.

Social network marketing

Online marketing efforts have been extended to social networks which boast of high web subscribers. Facebook is currently the leading social network by the number of global web users who have subscribed to it. Businesses are also turning to the social network when it comes to expanding their marketing efforts. Businesses open fan pages and allow the social network subscribers to freely interact with them.

The platform allows a business to inform consumers about their latest sales or new products which they offer. The social network users can respond to the advertisements posted by the business on its fan page and ask questions directly to the business. The business like wise answers consumer questions and can generate a pool of contacts from the social network users who are fans of the business page. The business then sends newsletters and other special information directly to these users' emails or inbox on the social network.

Irrespective of the marketing channel used, a website needs to ensure that the marketing efforts are effective and will translate to increased sales.

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