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Mobile Game Trends and Monetization

Mobile Game Trends and Monetization

By Sam Stephan

Video games are on the rise, according to recent reviews surveying latest app trends. It is the most socially engaging activity on the web platform. This rise is mainly attributed to the mobile platform, particularly the Smartphone, because of:

• ease of access
• download
• it caters to the busiest of schedules.

While marketers are worrying over the commercial aspect and game app developers struggle to achieve monetary success, they are commended for their efforts at prioritizing user experience more than ever before, which is the main reason why games have been rated highest in terms of popularity. With this year's forecast for the most popular category to be F2P games in the 'non-casual' genre, for now developers are relying heavily on in-app purchasing and advertisement revenue.

Differences between past and present game trends

If one draws a comparison between past and present video gaming, one can observe the expansion that has taken place for the following reasons:

i. Previously, the majority of gamers were serious 'hard core 'professionals, now they include a mixed variety, and lately, there has been a surge in minor and women players and senior citizens.

ii. The business model of yesteryear structured on box sales, now it includes a variety besides box sales, such as advertising app store, retail, recommerce, virtual goods and subscription.

iii. Payment is not restricted to cash or credit and debit cards any longer. With Freemium games, a combined form of free and premium offer, users have the choice to first assess just how well they like playing the game before deciding to purchase it. The cost itself is bare enough for anyone to afford it. Google play has the In App Billing Service which functions between the Google Play server and the application. Android has bigger choices now that Amazon notified app developers that they have introduced the in app purchase system in its Android store, which can only be accessed with a purchase cost of more than USD 20.

iv. Gaming is now a universal activity and a global interactivity. To be able to play with someone across the continents is what makes gaming adventurous and highly competitive. Consequently, there has been awareness and an acceptance of the multitude of cultures that exist around the world.

A recent study revealed some interesting gaming behavior:

• Majority of gamers prefer playing games at home and others prefer to play while commuting.

• Gameplay is now a 'necessity,' ahead of other apps such as social networking and other apps in terms of time spent by users.

• In 2011, mobile gaming earned USD 12 billion through in app purchases and advertisements.

• Majority of games are referred by friends and family, followed by social media sites.

• The most popular game companies are Zynga for their games, 'Words with Friends,' Scramble with Friends,' 'Farmville' their latest acquisition, 'Draw something' 'Rovio's famed 'Angry Birds' is ranked second.

• Apple is estimated to have downloaded 25 million games in the previous month on the iPhone.

• The maximum numbers of users are in the United States, followed by Great Britain.

• Male users are slightly higher than female users.

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