Thursday, 1 November 2012

President Obama to Balance the Budget by 2013 - Nonsense!

President Obama to Balance the Budget by 2013 - Nonsense!

By Lance Winslow

The Public Relations Propaganda Machine of the Obama Administration is firing on all cylinders, unlike the economy, but the President has said no matter, he can fix the economy, offer healthcare to everyone, and still reduce the deficit by 2013. Oh Really, and just how does he propose to do that? Well, he says he will remove the troops from Iraq? And get this, Tax the Rich?

Well, he will not be able to tax the wealthy rich socialists that support him. Besides they all have offshore accounts in Lichtenstein or with Swiss Account Numbers at UBS. Worse, Obama is calling people that make over $250,000 per year as rich? Interestingly enough, with the coming inflation from all his spending, 250K won't be nearly worth what it is today.

And in a recession there are a lot less folks making $250K these days. Of course, President Obama, the economist is going to give us another Really Big Speech this coming week of how all this will work. Believe me, I've heard his speeches, promises and talk, yet I just bet this plan of his will not be explained just a lot more fancy dancing.

How is someone who is going to have spent over 1.5 Trillion Dollars in his first 100-days in office going to balance the budget? That's absurd and it is wishful thinking, even in a perfect world with no Earthquakes in San Francisco, no major Hurricane Disasters and no wars it cannot be done without cutting government costs.

Oh but he promises to cut military spending by leaving Iraq? And yet, he promises to give everyone universal health care. And we already know that he put forth the Stimulus Spending Package to pay off his socialist friends, campaign PAC groups, and supporters. Amazing the level of rhetoric these days - is anyone getting tired of this yet?

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