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Problems That Pakistan Faces Today

Problems That Pakistan Faces Today

By Tahir Hamid

Pakistan is a nation of 180 million people. Our economy is stifled and we are living on handouts dished out by the IMF and foreign remittances sent back home. The IMF has been responsible for the debacle of a number of economies and Pakistan seems to be one of its latest victims. The World Bank and IMF are financial institutions that are used by USA to enforce its policies on hapless victims.

The IMF is concerned more about curbing inflation and not about curbing high unemployment. In Pakistans case, Pakistans forces are busy waging a War on Terror that isn't ours in the first place. It has been established by experts that the Tehreek e Taliban is a band of mercenaries that have been funded by CIA and MOSSAD. Instead of stabilizing Pakistan, theres an image that's been created that it is an unstable nation that is host to a number of terrorist organizations.

I find it amusing that all the acts of terror are being perpetrated in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan and none whatsoever in Western countries. I don't advocate terrorism but why is it that all these terrorists are targeting men and women in Muslim countries if indeed these are Muslim terrorists. Consequently our army is being used in Waziristan to flush out these militants and to kill them. But to be very honest, how many of them are there that the Pakistani forces have not been able to finish off. The lions share of our budget is being used for financing the army. How long can Pakistans ailing economy sustain such pressure? If austerity measures are required for us to survive, then why is it that the politicians and bureaucrats need an increase in salaries and incomes when they already live lives of the rich and the famous?

A politician like Nawaz Sharif requires 300 security personnel to protect him. That means that the Prime Minister, Chief Minister and President must also be maintaining private armies to protect them. These men don't pay taxes and use taxes paid by the common man to finance their lavish and luxurious lifestyles. Do we really need such men and women? Wouldn't it be better if we elected men such as Mr. Imran Khan or Mr.Zaid Hamid to key posts in the government. Pakistan needs sincere men and women who work for the nation. We don't need men and women who are insincere and selfish and corrupt. In the current situation, I find it difficult to imagine how Pakistan will overcome its energy crises.

We should have welcomed the Iranian gas deal. However as usual, the Pakistan Government seems concerned that it may offend USA by doing so. Similarly China's offer to build 2 nuclear reactors in Pakistan is welcome but is the Pakistani government willing to make moves that may offend the people in Washington. The fate of the Pakistani people maybe effectively sealed unless we take steps to meet our power and energy demands. That will be vital for reinvigorating the national economy. This reinvigoration of the economy will be essential for much needed GDP and job creation. It will be the only way for paying back internal and external debt. We have to find a way of being a self reliant nation. In order to become a global power, Pakistan needs to fight Corruption.

Pakistan will not be able to survive without social and economic justice. There can be no end to the corruption and injustices without accountability. And there can be no accountability if the rich and powerful are immune to the arms of the law. Therefore the judicial system has to be immensely powerful. Secondly there should be meritocracy in the nation and people who are educated and capable need to be appointed as heads of important ministries. It is time that feudalism is done away with. We need reformers, social workers and economists to become a part of the ruling classes. If 10 core rupees are needed to stand for election, then the people who do so will first seek to recover that amount by hook or by crook. Therefore we need a system where men with finances and power are not essentially those who come into power. We need people who can lead the people and those who are willing to contribute to solving the problems of the people.

Pakistan faces a number of problems and those include:

1) Religious Intolerance
2) Wrong men in positions of power
3) Illiteracy
4) Wealth in the hands of a few people
5) The elite don't pay their taxes
6) Lack of access of people to education, food, healthcare, jobs, justice, clean water and sanitation
7) Elements of social and moral corruption are not being curbed
8) Degeneration of a so called Islamic society
9) Disunity between the people and sentiments of provincialism
10) Traditions that are Un-Islamic are being spread throughout the society
11) Lack of merit and accountability
12) High Unemployment and High Inflation
13) The disparity between rich and poor increases
14) The presence of bribery, usury, prostitution,child abuse in the society
15) Women are being murdered in the name of honor
16) Police is ineffective. Serves as a tool for rape and murder of people

These are just some of the many problems that the nation faces today. Over the course of time, our rulers have been too busy abusing their powers and have setup a system which is intensely corrupt. As a consequence we face an increasing danger that Pakistan may indeed be no more

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