Friday, 16 November 2012

Racism in America - News About Barrack Obama - Main Secret For Better American Future

Racism in America - News About Barrack Obama - Main Secret For Better American Future

By Gabriele Muellenberg

Racism in America already looks less prominent because of the new President, Barrack Obama. President Obama is categorized black, a person of a minority group which suffered racial discrimination in the past. Obama's winning the presidential election was a dream come true for many. Now, all American non--whites seem revitalized psychologically in believing that the American Dream really is for everyone. Barrack Obama became not only a symbol of success; he indirectly boosted the self esteem of minority groups in American society.

Children of different American ethnic groups will now see a president, who looks more like them than the previous American country leaders. The very young will realize that they are worth as much as any other citizen in the USA. Barrack Obama will be an unforgettable role model. Children will gain a better self--image at a formative age by a powerful example. However, it all will take time for the big breakthrough and end of racism in America. Improved self esteem of minority groups will help with this. When you are happy in your heart and mind you become a better person. You will love you more. Others will respect you for it.

For example, a black child in school or in the playground will act with more confidence towards others with a white skin. All this will be due to a brave president. He helped all to see each other differently. Biased actions against minority groups will disappear to a great extent. Will it stand the test of time, once President Obama has left office? Of course, it will live on. Nothing can change the fact that America's first non--white president was elected in 2008. A positive self--image is always a very powerful mindset to see you in a positive light. This positive thinking will indirectly be the main reason leading to the eradication of American racism.

The fact that racism in America will disappear is based on an opinion. Some might disagree. However, it will be very interesting to see if the future proves it right.

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