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Rosalie Hale Twilight Costumes

Rosalie Hale Twilight Costumes

By Erin Stringer

There are so many Twilight costumes to choose from, so if you've decided you want to be Rosalie Hale, you are one step ahead! Rosalie Hale is played by Nikki Reed in the movie, and is stunningly gorgeous! She has long blonde hair with waves, ivory skin, and she is tall and slender. However, her personality is not as beautiful - she is very vain in the Twilight movies.

So, if you don't have naturally blonde, long hair, you'll need a costume wig, which you can get at any Halloween shop. It doesn't have to be a Twilight wig - any long, blonde wig with a centre part will be fine.

Rosalie Hale Makeup

Your skin needs to be ethereally pale, which can be accomplished by priming with a light foundation. Use a makeup sponge to gently brush and blend it into your skin, and finish with a light powder. Your eyeshadow can be brown or gray, or plum, with mascara on your lashes. Use berry-tinted lip gloss to complete the Twilight makeup look.

One of the most important parts of the costume is gold contacts. Rosalie's eyes are really gold, so find costume contacts or even disposable coloured contacts from an optometrists office.

Rosalie Hale Costume Clothing

Do you want to go as formal Rosalie or casual? Either way, she's a great dresser and always looks stylish. For a casual look, wear black or dark blue skinny jeans, a tight black or red tank top, and a dark coloured or gray fitted blazer. Don't forget the black high heels and cream coloured scarf.

If you want to go as glamourous Rosalie Hale, you could wear her prom outfit. For Bella's prom, she wore a dark red dress with a mermaid tail bottom, and a low neckline that went down to her waist! Obviously, this is very dependent on what you are allowed to wear, and if your Rosalie Hale costume is going to the office or to a theme party.

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