Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Pandering to Women Voters in US Presidential Elections - Observations From the 2012 Election

The Pandering to Women Voters in US Presidential Elections - Observations From the 2012 Election

By Lance Winslow

Apparently, the pollsters for the 2012 presidential election had noted that many women voters are still undecided, and a good many of them are leaning left, rather than right. Therefore there is a big fight and charge to pander to these women voters, and address all the issues they feel important. Now then, you must understand that women voters make up half of our country, so they are the largest and most important group for these candidates. Nevertheless the amount of pandering going on between the candidates and their women voters is getting to be laughable. Let's look at some examples shall we?

We noted on the first debate that President Obama came right out and stated it was his anniversary and he'd rather be spending it with his wife, rather than in front of 45 million people, which was the assumed number of people who would be watching the debates, it turned out it was quite a bit more. Nevertheless, that was a planned statement, and it was geared towards speaking to the women voters, it was a political strategy. I find that a little unnerving, even though it is plausibly deniable that the Obama reelection campaign strategists didn't plan it, but sure they did and we all know it.

There were several other attempts to pander to women during the debates, and it is quite evident in all of their stump speeches. It is as evident as the 10s of millions of dollars being spent on advertising to purely Spanish-speaking Hispanic news outlets by the Obama campaign. If we really are a great melting pot, and we are all considered equal, we should all be spoken to as adults, and this pandering needs to stop, it's getting to be pathetic. Indeed, in many regards it's happening on both sides so we shouldn't just pick on the Obama campaign, although they are ahead with the women voters currently due to their focus on this voting demographic segment.

Another thing we notice is many of the commentators on TV who are women and the women anchors are saying that they were offended by the belligerent attitude and debating style that they had witnessed. That's interesting because women in politics have always been rather hard-hitting, and all the women I know who are involved in politics are pretty intense themselves. Are the TV news commentators trying to mold the election and the process, or are they just as tired as I am about turning our national discussion on very important matters into nothing more than a two-minute tit-for-tat cat fight? Please consider all this and think on it.

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