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Face Painting Tips to Help You Master the Skill of Face Painting

Face Painting Tips to Help You Master the Skill of Face Painting

By Carolyn Anderson

Football games, kid's parties, country fair, or Halloween... for sure you may find face painting a common sight. If you have kids, face painting is also a fun and creative way to enjoy your time together and make them happy. Indeed, kids love their faces to be painted with colorful designs and it would be one good way to make them happy as well.

If you want to master this skill and make your kids happy, or you want to make business out of it, here are some face painting tips that you might find helpful.

- Make sure you are using non-toxic face paints for your kids. You can find many types of face paints everywhere and one thing that you should check in getting face paints is to choose non-toxic ones.

- Before starting with the face painting, try your paint on a small area of the skin to make sure your kid is not allergic to it. This is indeed important especially that children's skin can be sensitive. Even if the paint is non-toxic, it does not mean it is safe for sensitive skin. Non-toxic paints can also cause allergy to people who are prone to developing allergies fast.

- Different sizes of brush are used in face painting and to help you which ones to use, keep in mind that the finer the detail, the smaller the brush that you have to use.

- Cut and divide the sponge if you have to. This does not only allow you to save more, the straight edge can also be a great tool to make special effects. You can also bend the sponge if you want to create paint effects.

- You can also make use of stencils to make your painting fast especially if you are running out of time or if you are not that confident on your freehand skills. You can also make creative designs out of them too.

- Add dramatic effect to your face paint design by using glitters or adding a headdress that matches or completes the design. This will also help enhance the look of your kids especially if you are going for character designs. One of the important face painting tips that you should keep in mind is to check also that your glitter is suitable for the face. You should choose polyester-made glitters, as these are the ones safe for the skin.

- Start with simple designs for your kids. Keep in mind that the painting process may not be fun for little children if it involves long hours of sitting still. Start with simple designs such as his favorite sports emblem, or stars, moon, flowers, butterflies, animals, and many other simple designs that do not take long to finish.

- Always start by wiping your subject's face with a clean towel or a wet wipe or tissue and put on a towel around his shoulders while painting. As it is important to paint on a clean skin, it is also important to keep your brushes and sponge clean.

Be also safe working around the eyes. Always advise your kid to close his eyes especially if you are working near the eyes and or above it. Keep these face painting tips in mind if you are interested in mastering this skill and you will surely have a good start in your painting session.

Carolyn Anderson does face painting as a hobby. For a great guide to help you learn face painting fast and easy, check out Easy Face Painting. Also check out Fun Box Templates, a collection of hundreds of creative designs, gift boxes and art that you and your kids can enjoy.

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