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The Best Boyfriend Holiday Gifts for Those in a New Relationship

The Best Boyfriend Holiday Gifts for Those in a New Relationship

By Lisa A Mason

If you're in a new relationship around the holidays, it makes for an especially wonderful season, but when it comes to gift giving it can make for a notoriously tricky situation. You want to get a perfect gift but if you've only been dating for a few weeks you don't want to give him the impression that you're moving too fast. How do you show him that you care without going overboard? Here are a few great gift ideas for a new boyfriend.


If he's a movie buff, do some digging through his collection to see what he already has and see if you can find out a few that he'd like to have but is missing. There's bound to be a few newly released DVDs that he'll have on his want list. If it's something you both like it'll make a great excuse to spend the evening together enjoying it.

Shaving products

Men like to be pampered too but they'll rarely spend the money on the products themselves and will appreciate the gift of shaving products such as shaving cream, gels, or even a gift basket of a combination of a few of his favorites.

Travel grooming products

If he's a frequent traveler he'll really enjoy a travel kit with everything he needs in a compact size, three ounces or less to meet the airlines carry-on regulations, and keep him well-groomed on the road. Look for kits that contain products like lip balm cleansing gel, shaving lotions and moisturizers.

Leather driving gloves

Leather driving gloves that will keep his hands warm on those cold winter mornings while making him look stylish are most always appreciated. Leather is durable and attractive, and every time he puts them on he'll think of you.


If you're good with your hands, consider making a homemade gift certificate of 30 or 60 minutes of your time massaging his sore muscles. Don't forget the mood music and candles. This is not only a thoughtful gift but a wonderful way to spend the evening together and get that much closer. Add massage oils for an extra romantic experience.

Video games

If you're guy is a gamer, a video game always makes a great gift that he'll truly appreciate. Take a look to see what he already had and try to find out what he'd like to add to his collection. If you can find something you can play together, all the better, but make sure it really is something that he's into or he might feel a little resentful.

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