Wednesday, 16 January 2013

2013 Is the Year to Join a Mobile App Reseller Program

By Bill Holton

In 2012, the growth of the mobile market was huge throughout the globe and is still constantly reshaping how we interact in our everyday lives. In 2011, there were 835 million smartphone users, 5.6 billion feature phone users (via Business Insider). If you are a retailer who sells products or services via the web you should not be hiding from the mobile revolution. It is your responsibility to stay ahead of future developments. It is now time to shift over into the new era of marketing. It's time to be mobile.
Approximately 50% of all mobile searches are local. In 2013, the massively growing percentage of mobile web users may actually overtake the already small fraction of desktop web users. In 2011 mobile ad revenue was zero, in 2012 it had risen to almost 340 million USD. Given this rise does not slow down, 2013 will see almost triple that amount.
Facebook is a living testament to this shift in importance. The need to monetize mobile traffic will dominate Google, Facebook, Twitter and others in 2013. The trick is to do it as soon as possible on account of the decline in the growth of desktop-based traffic. To maintain a successful mobile marketing campaign you need to focus on user-benefits acquired from monetization strategies. Since mobile is not search-centric it needs to discover a more animated form of monetization. There are several centers to be considered - messaging, communications, news, media capture and sharing, entertainment and games. These are all very different and will require unique and innovative means of developing relationships between users and advertisers. Travel-related searches are also huge in the situation of mobile usage. This is primarily focussed on hotel searches. You tend to use your smartphone whenever you are on the road and need web access. In fact, bookings from smartphones are usually made for the same day.
The reality is that there is an abundance of money to be made from mobile marketing. Joining a mobile app reseller program is a great way to cash in on the latest boom. Apple makes loads of money from their handsets as well as their App Store. Carriers make money from data plans. M-commerce players are also poised to make much more money in 2013. Mobile marketers are therefore forced to either innovate their mobile marketing strategies or be left behind. Users love the ability to engage with the things they like, love, and admire, and even those they hate and detest, in a personal mobile space. Apps that feed or empower this intimacy will survive.
Every human being on the planet has intimate tastes and relationships they cherish. This is also true as it relates to people, brands, products and businesses. Billions of smartphones by the end of 2013 makes for a very large opportunity to allow users to become the boss, and for brands to enter into better relationships with the customers who love them. This year, mobile is the perfect platform for the dream of one-to-one marketing to finally flourish.
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