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Review 10 Freelance Writing Sites

Review 10 Freelance Writing Sites

By Anita Choudhary
With a host of freelance writing sites requiring writers to work from home, most writers are confused about selecting a legit company. Here are 10 freelance writing sites that do not need writers to bid on projects, but you need to be accepted by the company based on specific criteria for long-term writing at different pay scales.
Media Piston: It is a UK-based company that only asks for 3 links to published writing with your byline when you apply. They have varied priced writing jobs and while applying, specific information on the writing experience is needed. All content is first approved by the site editor and then the client. It pays weekly by PayPal.
Demand studios: It is only open to residents of US, UK, Australia and Canada. It has a fixed pay per article ($7.5 to $15) and for applying, you have to submit a full resume and writing sample. For the first 3 articles you are considered on probation. You have to submit references and resources for all articles.
Internet Brand Publishing: They are legit companies with a multitude of sites to write for. Most of the articles pay $4-$10. To apply you need to fill in an application with relevant application, a sample for the said category but they don't need references or resources. The benefit is that there is regular work and monthly payments. It only takes writers periodically and you have to submit two high-quality samples and resume when applying within the application. It pays around $10-$15 per article on a wide range of topics. The article pool has thousands of topics and each writer works with an editor. Revisions maybe needed frequently as they have fact based with little fluff while strict editing guidelines are in place.
Contently: You need to have worked with major publications/blogs to apply while profile photo is a must. You can log-in through Facebook if you want. If you qualify with your credentials, you are accepted and clips added to your profile.
Valley Direct Media: With near constant work and set payment per article ($5-$8), it pays weekly. Applying is easy with an online application and you need to answer a few questions for qualifying. A reputed site that was acquired by New York Times, it provides authentic information on nearly all subjects. The job openings include subject specialists with credentials. Pay is monthly and usually there is a need for a specialist content provider in different subjects.
eCopywriters: They hire only high-quality writers and pay varies from 2 cents to 30 cents per word, depending on the project. Pay is on a monthly basis and articles take as long as two to three weeks to be approved by internal editors and then the clients. However, work is consistent.
Content Divas: It is easy to apply and you are asked to submit a free writing sample on a given subject within 24 hours. If you qualify, you are assigned a set of articles. The pay varies from 2 cents to 10 cents, depending upon whether it is an article, blog or press release. Payment is made within a week, while some projects are paid 50% upfront.
Break Studios: It is easy to fill the online application, submit resume and sample of your writing describing your experience. If accepted, you can pick 10 articles (with specific guidelines) at a time from the content pool. But it only pays $8 per article regardless of the word count.
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