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Struggling With Self-Confidence - Find the Perfection Within Yourself

Struggling With Self-Confidence - Find the Perfection Within Yourself

By Gail Manishor

Don't allow yourself to entertain that uncomfortable feeling of, "I don't fit in" and of feeling isolated. The truth about this feeling of isolation is that you fit in already. You know that everyone has the Divine Spirit within them, although they may not realize it now. You will find yourself understanding and accepting others for who they are.

It's not just you who feels the sometimes devastating feeling of having said or done the wrong thing. We're all afraid of making ourselves look like a fool. That's our fear.

If I've learned anything during my life it's this. Don't try to impress. Be impressive. Be and do the best you can and let it go. I once made what was to me a very embarrassing error at my job. I told myself, "Okay it's done. Get over it and move on." I had to stay there and keep on working. I endured the embarrassment and tried to show that I am a worthwhile person. I did learn from my mistake. Instead of jumping in first, stick your toe in the water. Think twice. After a blunder the only thing one can do is let it go and go on with your work and your life. It's all anyone can do in this type of situation. We've all been there and we've all done that.

Another time I was put in a new position under a new director. I showed what I could do and was doing it very well. I took over more responsibilities by doing other people's work on top of my own. However, they're the ones who got the credit for the work I did. I thought I would be recognized and promoted for my excellent work but then a new director was put in that place. In one year there were 6 new directors who took over the department. Just when I believed I had proven myself, another director was brought in and I believed I had to prove myself again. Life happens and we have to deal with it the best we can. Looking back I can see it all so clearly. I could have done my own job and done it as well as I was capable of. I could have interviewed for other positions. I could have done a lot of things. Life is a learning experience. I can now see all of this from a new perspective and positive perspective. I can now find the good and the admirable in myself.

I recently attended a class where we were told to write down the names of the people we most admired and what the qualities I admired in them were. Among the names I wrote down was my dear friend Grace, whose qualities were: Wisdom, a thirst for knowledge, and staying on track, my daughter Connie: capable, spiritual, she has her priorities straight and always tries to do the right thing.

Another quality I admire is determination: Never giving up, but continuing on doing the best you can.

After I wrote down what I admired the most in other people, the realization came to me that those qualities were some of the qualities I myself possessed.

You can use the above exercise. Write down the qualities you admire in other people. Now look at that list and see which of those qualities you already possess. You may be pleasantly surprised. You may find something you want to work on within yourself. You will no longer care about fitting in. You begin to realize you fit in just fine.

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