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The Definition of Being a Woman

The Definition of Being a Woman

By Pooja S Banerjee

Even in these turbulent times, being born as a woman is a blessing. God has blessed the woman to create life, nurture it and love it. What does being a woman essentially mean? Every word in this article is a clich� yet true. Being a woman entails being a human being who has to carry the load of all relationships on her fragile yet strong shoulders, who has to shoulder responsibilities and when that is not enough be the one to sacrifice!

What does it mean? It means that a woman is the backbone and strength of all life, she is the one who keeps her family rock solid and bound together, the one who brings joy to a parent, is the soul mate to her partner, the inspiration for others and well, the apple in the Adam's eye!

A woman, first and foremost is a daughter, the joy of parent's youth and the helping hand in the dusk of their life. A daughter is the twinkling light in the eyes of the mother, the sense of feeling to the touch of the father and the support in their legs. An Irish proverb very well says, 'a son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life!'

A woman then graduates to being a lover and a wife. A woman who is the best confidante of her husband, the friend to her husband, a guide and philosopher in bad times, a shoulder to cry on, the romance in his life and a hand to hold always. Being a wife is probably the most difficult role play of being a woman.

Then comes that role of being a woman which is the essence of being born as a woman, being a MOTHER! A woman keeps the life and humanity flowing. She gives birth to, nurtures, cares for and raises another human being. She bathes in the glow of pregnancy, endures the pain of childbirth, the joys of motherhood and the agony of letting go of the baby. A mother is a woman reborn and it won't be exaggerating in the least to say that a woman was created to recreate life.

In between these major roles, a woman keeps swaying between minor but as important roles of being a sister, a friend, a teacher and a care giver. Definition of a woman quintessentially means to be able to smile through tears, feel joy through pain, touch lives through compassion, spread love and life, give strength to weak and shine out through bleakness.

In the end it would suffice to quote Eleanor Roosevelt "A woman is like a tea bag- you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."

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