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What Are The Causes Of Back Pain and Natural Cures To Relieve It

What Are The Causes Of Back Pain and Natural Cures To Relieve It

By Dr Martin Orimenko

There are many causes of back pain and discomfort and various natural, allopathic and alternative methods to cure or relieve them.

Most people with back pain are often out of shape or unathletic so poorly developed muscles can lead to a weakening of the spinal vertebrae. Strengthening and stretching the muscles of the upper, mid and low back can help to relieve pain and discomfort.

Most people with back pain will also find they have a herniated disc. A random cross-sampling of the general population will show that about 60% of people at any given time have some kind of mild disc herniation and any asymptomatic so a herniated disc does not always cause pain.

Often the outermost layer that covers the muscles called the fascia can be tight like a pair of frozen pantyhose. Gentle stretching and gentle yoga can relieve this tightness that causes pain and constriction. Avoid a power yoga or hot yoga class if you are a beginner.

Many athletes do not stretch properly before a workout and often pull muscles such as the hamstrings. Having a dynamic stretching or calisthenics routine before a vigrous workout or sports activity is critical to preventing pain or injury.

Lack of sleep or improper rest can also cause constriction when muscles are not allowed to heal and regenerate during the deep REM stage of sleep. Making sure you have deep, uninterrupted sleep can help to prevent or relieve back pain.

Lifting improperly can also be a major cause of back pain. When you lift a heavy object, always make sure to bend your knees so that your hamstrings and quads are doing the bulk of the lifting and not your low back. Sometimes wearing a special harness around your waist can assist in this as well.

Heat can often aleve the tightness so soaking in a hot bathtub, jacuzzi or steam room can be an ultra relaxing way to relieve an aching back.

Massage is an obvious way to relieve pain. If you can't afford to get a professional massage at a spa, you can do self massage such as laying on top of tennis balls, using a massage chair or a back massager.

Weak ligaments can also destabalize the bod's structure, resulting in pain and imbalance. Prolotherapy is ligament reconstruction using a sugar solution that is injected into the joints. Prolotherapy stimulates an inflammation reaction which triggers an healing response to build more ligaments. It can take up to 6 weeks to feel the results and many sessions are often needed.

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