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5 Of The Best Work From Home Jobs!

5 Of The Best Work From Home Jobs!

By Jim W Baker

The option to work from home has never been more needed than it is today and due to the recent recession, many families are feeling the need to find extra work to supplement their already stretched incomes. Also due to the recession, many people are finding the need to work beyond the age of 65, the usual age for retirement. Here is a list of five actual work-at-home jobs that ensure good hourly wages and exciting job growth prospects:

A virtual assistant (VA) provides professional administrative, technical, creative and social assistance to clients from a home office. The benefit to an employer for having a VA is that they are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance and benefits. They are only responsible for paying a salary or hourly rate. The profession of VA's is one that is growing, especially in centralized economies. Virtual Assistants usually have background in business and are home based, but working under the management of the company. Often time's the company will offer training and internet connection. A VA can also be called an online administrative assistant or online personal assistant.

A medical transcriptionist will type up the spoken word of a patient's care or information into a written and easy to read format. This transcription is most often from the patient's doctor and requires correct spelling of all medial terms and words and also correcting any misused medical terminology or errors. Medical transcriptionists must print these documents and return them in a timely manner.

Training to become a medical transcriptionist requires a certificate of training and passing a certification examination. However, once working as a medical transcriptionist, the hours are flexible and the job offers a competitive salary.

In order to be a translator and work from home, it is necessary to be proficient in at least one other language. Working as a translator will entail language translation from audio files or documents. Many of these companies are not looking for a word for word translation, but for the translator to have the ability to translate the document with the cultural differences in mind. Many of the companies that hire translators allow the individual the ability to work from home. Working from home as a translator is one of the top paid professions out of all the stay at home job.

A web designer and developer will build and plan the entire website for individuals, businesses or organizations and it's a job that can be done from the comfort of one's own home! Web designers will also provide design, creative direction for all the web pages while also making sure to satisfy the needs and functions of the employer. In order to work from home as a web developer or designer, a background in computer programming and coding will be necessary. Working as a web developer from home is a career that is in high demand.

In order to work as an independent call center representative, a working phone and internet connection will be needed. This job will entail communicating with potential clients and current customers about assignments, information and at times conducting telephone interviews. Working as a call center representative will require attention to detail and record keeping in keeping track of billable hours.

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