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How to Heal Cuts in the Corner of the Mouth

How to Heal Cuts in the Corner of the Mouth

Author: Michael Porteous

Those of us who experience awful cuts in the corner of the mouth called Angular Cheilitis know that it is painful and embarrassing and often extremely hard to get rid of.

Cuts and lesions that appear at any part of the body that constantly moves around such as the inside of the elbow, finger joints and the back of the knees are very hard to heal because the skin expands and retracts as we move about. The mouth is probably the worst of these cases however as it is in constant use talking and eating and is often wet and many substances pass by it such as food and our hands that may contain problematic bacteria that can infect it. Angular Cheilitis in fact usually becomes much worse because the cuts become infected often with Candida albicans also known as thrush which causes the corner of the mouth to become inflamed, itchy and often covered in sores and crust.

To understand how to heal your cuts and stop them coming back you must understand the cause of this condition. Angular Cheilitis is typically caused by a lack of vitamins within a person's diet focusing mainly on vitamin B and iron deficiencies that have a marked effect on your skin and especially the corners of your mouth. This is sometimes initiative of a poor diet and malnutrition but can also because by a number of other reasons why your body may be deficient in these things.

Making up these deficiencies in your body is of prime importance to keeping the cuts from reappearing but will not solve your immediate skin problem. Most doctors recommend certain types of lip balm and anti-fungal creams but many patients report little success with many of these and using them becomes very difficult as you often end up licking the substance which tastes terrible and makes it useless as the bacteria thrives on moisture which is readily available at the corners of your mouth.

So what is the best way to heal cuts in the corner of your mouth if it is such a good place for infections to grow? The need is for a treatment that deprives the affected area of moisture and will not be washed away during the natural course of the day.

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