Friday, 21 June 2013

The Secrets To Enjoying Summer

The Secrets To Enjoying Summer

By Meghan E Witham

Unless you live in a place that enjoys summer like weather all year round, you probably have that feeling that the summer is way too short. Just when you are getting used to wearing shorts and flops, it is time to pack them away and bring out the fall boots and sweaters. But the good news is that there are some ways that you can slow the speed of summer and really enjoy yourself. While we can't stop time, there are some tricks to really embrace the summer season before it slips away.

Schedule in some fun! This may sound like you are forcing fun upon yourself, but the truth is that planning your favorite summer activities in advance will help you to actually do them rather than using the excuse that you are too busy. So print off a calendar (or use your smartphone) and write in those things that make summer really feel like summer. Concerts, beach days, road trips, ice cream, whatever it is, make sure to put in on your summer fun schedule so you have things to look forward to all summer long.

Spend time giving your home some love. A lot of homeowners feel that their summer is wasted if there were no improvements done to the home. Things like repairing (or replacing) the siding and even the smaller tasks like refurbishing a dresser are all going to make you, and your home happier this summer. Make a list of all the home improvements that you would like to accomplish. Categorize them as necessary projects or fun remodeling and then when you have some spare time, you can see which project will best the time and energy you have. This is a great way to make home improvements less daunting and more enjoyable. Not to mention, doing any projects outside still allow you to soak up that summer sun!

Need some ideas to get your summer home improvement list together? Here are a few ideas that many homeowners are planning this summer:

  • Replacement siding
  • Replacement windows
  • Spray paint old furniture
  • Re-paint your front door
  • Plant a new garden

While these may not all be do-it-yourself projects, they are all great ways to stay productive through the summer and really enjoy the season before it's gone. And don't forget to get the kids and family involved in your plans for the summer! The only thing better than a day at the beach or planting a garden is doing it with your loved ones.

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