Friday, 19 July 2013

5 Techniques on How to Make Girls Like You - How to Get Her Attracted to You Now

By Shaun Michaels
The eternal question of the century guys are dying to solve: how to make girls like you? One sad fact about all this is that girls are actually pretty easy to please. Wanting to attract many girls doesn't need a lot of Physics or riddles --- it all starts with you and you alone --- right attitude, mindset and of course, self-love. If you lack all three then there's your answer, dude. It's not them, it's you. Now before you start wailing "What's wrong with me!" better do something else --- it's always never too late to do the right thing. Welcome to your major make-over. Here are the top five techniques on how to make girls like you --- now!

  • Get real. This is always the number one sin most guys commit when they want to impress girls --- they start to pretend to be someone else. Although it's pretty normal (and quite hard to stop) our first instinct is to act cool, tough and definitely not us around the ladies. Well, here's one secret you should know by now --- if you really want to act cool, get real! Being comfortable with who you are not only makes you more at ease with being yourself --- you also start becoming attractive.
  • Ditch being self-centered. You go out with a girl and you carry a comb down your sleeve and you can't seem to stop the urge to stare at anything with your reflection on it. Not only do you appear crazily conceited --- it's a hint that you got big insecurities that you need to settle with yourself first of all.
  • No to beer and smoke.Vices are normal and they're tolerable. But when you're out in a bar or club and you actually want to start attracting women, you better go easy with the drinks and smoke --- it's a turn off, believe me. A few shots and up to three sticks would be okay but beyond that and you'll start to reek of alcohol so there's no wonder she's fleeing away.
  • Don't appear desperate. Wanting a little attention is reasonable --- heck, why do we go out to go partying anyway? It's when you start appearing needy and desperate for it that makes a girl feel totally repulsive and downright turned-off. Relax man. The night is young and everyone wants some hangover once in a while. So stop the fuss.
  • Stay calm and collected.Getting nervous and antsy around girls? Take a deep breath and focus. Organize your thoughts. Forget thinking about getting laid tonight --- instead, why not go out and meet people and actually have a good time? Laugh, chat and get acquainted --- it's one of the things that really matter anyway. Once you detach yourself from being too conscious on impressing women, you'll practically start impressing them --- without much of a sweat.

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