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Five Interesting Anecdotes of Mark Zuckerberg---The Founder of Facebook

Five Interesting Anecdotes of Mark Zuckerberg---The Founder of Facebook

Author: Lily Wan

According to reports, Face book founder Mark Zuckerberg's private life is destined to attract people's attention. He created a prototype for his film social network has been released on October 1st. Regardless of whether the film really belongs to his autobiography or not, 26-year-old Zuckerberg is destined to be pushed to the spotlight, becoming a household name. The public figures, in addition to have a worldwide website which has 500 million users, he also has many little-known anecdotes. Special editions are reproduced below for our readers.

1. Caring much about his privacy though Facebook is very "open-minded"

Zuckerberg always says that he wants to make Facebook a place where people can be open-minded and honest and everyone is willing to share their personal information with others. However, It is ironical that Zuckerberg never public some information in his Facebook page.

In the latest page of Zuckerberg, the famous journalist Jose Antonio Vargas wrote, "The CEO of the world's largest online social network is actually a very shy and private person." He does not like facing the media, and rarely do that. He does not seem to like the spotlight, even though Facebook's development needs him to do."

2. Having strange interests

His personal interests, such as the famous Latin singer "Shakira" and "abstinence", which listed in his Facebook page, give us a strange feeling.

The personal interests he listed include: making things, minimalism, breaking things, revolution and openness. His favorite musicians include the Linkin Park and the United States electronic music queen, Lady Gaga.

3. Fascinating with classical literature, owning imperial ambitions

Zuckerberg grew up in Dobbs Ferry, New York. He attended the best high school in the United States - Phillips Exeter Academy. He learned Latin, there and became a lover of classical literature. Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard after studying for two years so as to pursue the career of Facebook. The Wall Street Journal reporter Jessica Vascellaro wrote, "He was well known by memorizing Iliad and other epic poems"

He also developed some games, which themed by classical literature. "His first important program is based on classical literature,"

Zuckerberg also developed the theme in classical literature of the game. "Zuckerberg the first major development program is based on classical literature," Risk "adaptation of a game." The Harvard Crimson reporter, Michael Grynbaum wrote, "The center of the game is Roman Empire. It is very hard for you to beat Julius Caesar." Zuckerberg's friend told us that he has imperial ambitions.

4. Having a lot of nicknames

His friends and colleagues like to call him "Zach." If you do not believe, you can check out with the article entitled "to work with Zach" on Facebook. In this article, Facebook engineer Andrew Bosworth wrote down some feelings, "Zach hopes to open the discussions. He is not emotional and he is very strict to others.

In addition, he has some other nicknames. According to the Wall Street Journal reporter, Jessica Vascellaro, his mother called him "prince" when he was young. And His schoolmate, Rebecca Davis O'Brien, told us in his book that Zuckerberg's friendship gave him a nickname of "killer" when he attended a party, Alpha Epsilon Pi.

5. being indifferent to money

He does not seem to care about the money. It is said that someone had offered to pay 10 billion U.S. dollars to acquire his Facebook site, but he rejected. That person is the former Yahoo CEO Terry Semel. He told the New Yorker that he never meet such a person who is indifferent to money before. No one would refuse his generous offer of 1 billion. But Zuckerberg said, "This is not a problem of money. The website is my child and I would like to bring him up myself. " When Semel recalls this conversation, he still can not believe his ears.

Harvard University's newspaper has also reported the event. "That's not what we are really interested in." When referring to Yahoo's desire regarding the acquisition of Facebook in 2004, he said, "What I mean is that we do make a lot of money but that is not the purpose.

Do you have an account on Facebook? I think that the answer may be a definitely "Yes". I like it very much and I have made a lot of friends there. After I got a bar phone, like this: I can also use my phone to login the Facebook. I really appreciate that and I do hope that we can have more great developments in our society.

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