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Google Keep - Latest Application from Google

Google Keep - Latest Application from Google

Author: Rendy Rembana

In case you are one of the user of Evernote, you'll be familiar with this new application coming from google. Google lately release this new application to compete with Evernote which grow to be leading well-known app on google play. Google keep is accessible for Android 4.0 and above and for web version. This kind of application is absolutely usefull just for you who need a reminder on every important thing in your daily routine for example your task matter, friend invite, meeting, and more. Evernote prove to be one of several app that important having its well designed functionality, useful feature and more, but what about this latest software by google? Let's see what this app provides under


With Google keep, user able to create a record of essential thing and schedule, you can even make a long list to do activity with your mobile phone simply much like Evernote. Furthermore, this latest software also enables you to create a graphic note along with audio record to maintain very important agenda, note, and much more by using your Pc, Mobile phone, or tablet. Google keep make things easier for you to take a quick note using your smartphone, in case you doesn't like to type, you can create a quick and easy audio note and record it using your smartphone using a single swipe.

If you're a truly person, you can use a fast search to quickly view and track down the entire note you've made and get it easily. When you used or view the note, Google keep is not going to delete it right away but asking if whether or not you would like to delete it or keep it as an achieves. This feature enables you to examine and discover your past note to have a better experience when you using this software for a very important matter.

On every note that you made, you can also keep it at Google drive, this is actually the main reason why you will need this software. You have access to your note using a diverse device everywhere you want without need to be concerned your essential record and note is not on your device. For the web version, the same just like the Android version you can synchronize your accounts to quickly access your information anywhere you wish. In case you wrote a lengthy list just like an article, you can utilize share function from Google keep to a different app such as Evernote or even your social networking account. You'll be able to get it on the Android device thru Google play for free.

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