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How to Deal with The Female Hair Loss?

How to Deal with The Female Hair Loss?

Author: Shivani Kashyap

For many years the pathological loss of hair (alopecia) was a "male subject". Today, however, alopecia recognized as medical and aesthetic problem in the woman too. If the condition is severe, it can cause significant psychological and social consequences. This loss can also be observed transiently after pregnancy. Sometimes there is a temporary loss where a substance or a disorder causes a temporary problem. The second, which is less common, may be due to burns, bursitis and in autoimmune diseases such as discoid lupus erythematous, follicular lichen between others.

It is common for women to exhibit thinning hair as they grow older. To have a woman at the age of 80 the same volume of strands he had at 18 is extremely unusual. Baldness in women is however much less pronounced, compared to men, while also differs significantly allocation of loss in the initial stages. Usually diffuse thinning occurs on top of the head, but by maintaining the edge of the hair on the forehead, which has normal density.

When to Do a Dermatological Examination?

When a woman displays a large amount of hair loss every day or she does not feeling well due to the hair loss, she should visit her dermatologist. The doctor will make a diagnosis of alopecia after excluding other causes of pathological loss.

Moreover, tests are not normally required. It is advisable to search for treatable causes for loss (e.g. anemia, hypothyroidism), especially in women with abrupt onset and rapid progression of loss. If baldness is severe or accompanied by other symptoms, it may need several more tests. Many proposals have been made for the value of the analysis of hair samples, the method but rather lack credibility. But Rapid hair fiber is not one of them, because it gives you an instant baldness cure!

The sudden transient loss of strands due to commonly known as alopecia areata. This starts abruptly, with the appearance of one or more circular patch on the scalp, with a diameter of up to 8 centimeters, which may overlap.

General Preventive

Some of the interventions are strong or are made very often. The result is causing more damage to the strands, despite their care. The wet strands are particularly fragile because it can be stretched. A bristle brush is a preferable than a synthetic one because the synthetic material can break the strands.

The mane on the scalp must be brushed gently from the scalp down to spread these oil secreted by the skin. If you can use a preferred comb, then it must have wide teeth to not injure the strands.

You should also avoid tight braiding, the ponytails and tight twist rollers. Combing backwards should be very soft or no tough. Excessive exposure to sunlight, air or chemicals in a pool can cause dryness of the strands and create knots. Daily bathing, if done gently, it will not damage your hair. The frequency of bathing should depend on your type, weather conditions, physical activity and of courseyour profession.

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