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Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

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Makeup strategies for brown eyes are the easiest of because you have a color that every cosmetic color complements. From the lightest golds to the darkest smokey colors - everything works for you. Still, there are times when you may wonder which colors to select. Makeup Notebook is the first to show this method to identify your level of color and discover the right shades to make your peepers pop.Brown-eyes-makeup-2012.jpg

Beautiful Brown Eyes

Makeup strategies for brown eyes almost always concentrate on dramatic eye makeup looks but it's very simple to create visual interest having a natural look.Browns are usually naturally deeper in color and due to that you can wear the darker colors that other ladies have to pass on. If you have any discoloration make sure to use a cosmetics concealer.

Obviously, there is no "one" brown color. Just like other eye colors, you will find different levels and these makeup strategies for brown eyes will tell you which colors look outstanding you and which to pass on.

Makeup Strategies for Eyes: 4 Brown Levels

Are the eyes deep dark brown?This is actually the darkest level of brown. In certain women the irises almost appear black. Most eyeshadow colors which are in the medium to dark color range is useful for you. The one problem you may have is that your eyeshadow make up can occasionally look too dark or harsh. Because of this it's important to use the lighter flecks of color inside your iris to select highlight colors. The contrast between your darker colors and highlight is visually pleasing.

Are the eyes medium brown?This really is truly the easiest color of all to utilize. You can wear any color. Mauves, violets and purples all look wonderful on you. You can go the alternative and wear golds, coppers and bronzes. Greens look outstanding you. If you want to use color, however in a subtle way then utilize it to line your eyes. Try dramatic looks or multiple colors when you wish something different.

Are your eyes light brown?Light brown eyes are unexpectedly striking. Have you got golden flecks in your irises? If that's the case then remember to use a very pale yellow like a highlight. The one thing you need to be careful of isn't to overpower your brown shade. Limit the darker shadows to make use of in the crease area. While other colors of brown might enjoy black eyeliner you might want to consider a dark brown instead.

Are the eyes so light they appear hazel?This is a level that appears great with colors which are just a little darker than your normal skintone could be. Champagne and mauve colors look wonderful with hazel. The key to creating hazel really stand out would be to line them with another color like a violet, bronze or brownish. Apricot or pink highlight utilizes this color, too. Spread black eyeliner because it has a tendency to overpower hazel.

Your Universal Eyeshadow Color

Brown eyes, unlike other eyes, don't have an opposite or complementary color. It is because brown is actually a combination of another colors. In other words, it contains blue, red and yellow. So, technically with regards to eyeshadow makeup tips for brown eyes, most eye shadows colors work. Discover favorite colors to utilize:

Makeup For Brown Eyes - Fantastic Color Options

Among the best makeup for brown eyes would be to start with a mauve makeup palette. Nearly all women feel comfortable with the color because they believe that it is a naturally enhancing. It absolutely is! For those who have hazel eyes then go using the lighter colors and use the darker ones as liner. Dark eyes could make those same colors even deeper with the addition of a little distilled water to powdered eyeshadow.
Once you've chosen your color level using the makeup tips for brown eyes in the above list then top it off with the right mascara. It truly makes a difference for your color. In case your eyes are hazel go with dark brown, otherwise wear black. You want your eyes to pop!

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