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Nike,Michael Jordan and Dream

Nike,Michael Jordan and Dream

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In the basketball market of Jordan pitch 16 years. Jordan became the world's most successful professional sports stars and commercial sports stars, his first commercial advertisement, and Nike Shox in 1984 summer signing.When Nike is so weak, but Jordan like Europe brand adidas. But Nike valued this potential, the guy in the favourable conditions, and said to him, for the image of Jordan, and of the individual brand in each pair of shoes series of novel Michael Jordan royalty make.
This special terms and stimulate the Jordan became the desire for million sports business opened. For this opportunity, with Nike shoes "power" flyers, to become the world's biggest sporting goods Co., Jordan and become the first brand with personal sneakers. Nike and Jordan, combined with modern commercial and modern sports is the most perfect "marriage".
In 1984, 21, Michael Jordan was first third Chicago bulls in NBA history, a select the most brilliant mythic age are silently the curtain. When America's competition, the abnormal cruel Nike is in a difficult situation, they found the Jordan, decided to take stakes in Jordan. Nike sincerity moved Jordan, they signed a $25 million five years at the contract price (not a small number), it is undoubtedly was in all the history of professional sports adventure game.
The signing of Michael Jordan and Nike and a little story. When Michael Jordan "never thought with Nike, but want to sign" to its adidas. Nike is not discouraged, they made a short, Michael Jordan's dunk. Michael Jordan was moved, parents persuaded Nike Jordan to meet, but Jordan saw his films, he said it was amazing is his first found basketball can become an art form.
Then Michael Jordan and knight, they have a nice to meet the conversation. On the contrary, Jordan and adidas boss of several conversations extremely uncomfortable. And adidas reluctant to spend big price signing Michael Jordan, as a result, they gave up the chance.
After signing, Nike Jordan, to build immediately launched by Jordan in 1985 their names of Jordan generation. In fact Jordan generation and other functions of different shoes without too much, but it has an eye-catching appearance -- to make give priority to color (black and red shoes are mostly white).
Whatever training or competition, Jordan wore this pair of shoes. Because of the different color (and bulls white sneakers), the union banned Jordan wear shoes, and fined. Penalties have been up to $5,000 per, but Nike Jordan to pay a fine for, encourage the Jordan to wear. The NBA this ban become a cheap the best advertising (to do such effect to millions of dollars), more people begin to pay close attention to Jordan and his shoes.
As a named "Jordan flight" TV advertisements, film, broadcast advertisement on the basketball court to open a roll of the other end, a wear loose-fitting shorts guy with skilled action will Jordan into the palm, and hook the ball moving step in his shoes color of bigfoot. Suddenly, Jordan, with nearly shot soar 10 seconds, the slow motion vividly portrays the Jordan in the air to the amazing limbs.
Michael Jordan's second generation after launch.Every year, Nike will recommend with an jordans.
Nike Shox is improved by leaps and bounds. In 1986, Nike's sales breakthrough 10 billion dollars in 1990, become the world leader in sports products manufacturing, sales of 1994 to 40 billion us dollars. For decades, shoes and clothing Jordan series of Nike sales of total sales of 5%. These years from Nike Jordan clothing shoes and hats and sales profit of $2.6 billion.

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