Friday, 30 August 2013

Beautiful Things to Say to a Girl

By A. J. Smith

I think most guys can think of something really mushy to say to a girl they like. Or, they can try to recite back something that they have heard from a movie or something. I don't want to go down the road of giving you the typical generic thing to say to a woman you are attracted to, so I want to be a little bit creative with this list of beautiful things that you can say to her.

Here are 5 beautiful things that she will enjoy hearing from you:

1) "You are right and I am wrong."

When used in a situation where you are really wrong and she is really right - she'll think it is one of the most beautiful things that she has ever heard. I know, it's nothing like telling her that her eyes look like the ocean or something like that, but trust me - it is rare for a man to be able to say that he is wrong and that the woman is right. She'll like it.

2) "You are so smart because... "

Don't just tell her that you think she is smart, tell her WHY you think she is. Any guy can blurt out something about her being smart, not every guy can actually back it up with a reason why he thinks that way. You want to know why this is going to sound beautiful to her? Because it is going to sound meaningful and not like you are just plucking words out of the air to try and suck up to her.

3) "You look adorable when you are mad" (smile on your face)

This is a good one to pull out anytime that she gets a little bit mad at you. She won't stay mad if you say this with a smile on your face and you can make her laugh. Why is this such a pretty thing to say to her? It lets her know that you are not the kind of guy who has to try and "win" an argument. That makes you seem like relationship material to her.

4) "You know what? We'll hang out with your friends tonight."

This is good to drop on her when you usually don't want to hang out with her friends. Like it or not, a woman's friends are important to her and if she thinks that you can't get along with them - she just might start to rethink whether or not you and her are going to work out. You don't want her to think things like that, so let her know that you are cool with the idea of spending time with her friends every now and again.

5) "I love your hair that way. It makes you look so... "

Giving a generic compliment like, your hair looks nice is something that any guy can do. Telling her it looks nice because it makes her look a certain way is a little bit more flattering. It means that you put some thought into it and just like telling her she is smart and then giving her a reason for that, it also seems like a totally genuine compliment that she will definitely appreciate coming from you.

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