Thursday, 30 August 2012

Where Will Google, Yahoo, Bing and Twitter Be in Ten Years?

By Musa Aykac

The internet is a very dynamic sector, one moment something is popular then the next moment its not. Currently there are three major search engines in the mix, they are Google, Yahoo and Bing and Twitter is also very much on the rise. So where will these major players be in a decade from now? Let us take a quick look and prediction.

Currently the big daddy of them all Google has more then 80% of the entire search market in its hands. But lately it seems as though the company just does not have the push that it used to. They seem to be concentrating a lot more on getting into other markets such as mobile phones and operating systems. In around ten years time Google may well be knocked off of their perch.

The Microsoft search engine is doing some big things. As well as rebranding themselves, Microsoft are also going to be joining forces with Yahoo and powering their search, as well as getting access to Yahoo's technology and algo. We all know that Yahoo know how to analyse natural links and natural citations a lot better then Bing. So the two joining up may make them a force to be reckoned with, especially with the money that Microsoft could be putting into it.

Yahoo's search technology and engineers will live on but the results look to be taken over by Bing. The two could ultimately rival Google.

The new kid on the block. Twitter has spread like wild fire and has recently redesigned its homepage in an attempt to become a real time search engine. Can it succeed? Yes probably, but people want to begin seeing actually real sites not just conversations. So either Twitter will have to learn to develop and actually crawl, list and rank sites or end up being another social has-been.
But summing up we all know that Google are the power force at the moment and to retain that title, I really feel that the company need to be moving forwards. A great thing would be to actually purchase Twitter and integrate real time conversations and use the buzz as a ranking, and then they would secure themselves for another decade or so. But only time will tell and it will be a great insight to see how this all pans out in the future and a lot of business owners with sites will be watching this space closely.
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