Monday, 17 September 2012

Do You Need to Write More Articles?

Do You Need to Write More Articles?

By Sean R Mize

The first place we need to start is with how many articles are you writing now, and what are your goals online with articles?

Let's start with article goals first. And let's even back up to the purpose of article marketing and writing articles. The purpose of article marketing is to generate visibility, credibility, and traffic online by... writing articles.

So the first question is: how much visibility do you want? How many credibility do you want? And how much traffic do you want?

The more articles you write (when you do it correctly) the more visibility you get. And the more you write (when done correctly) the more credibility you get. And the more you write (when done correctly) the more traffic you get.

Of course there is a trade off of time. With articles (although you can pay others for their time) you can't just buy your article marketing like you can buy pay per click. Of course my own results are much stronger than with pay per click. And I've paid people to write articles for me as well. So in a sense I'm paying for the writing. But all said, it really is a time - intensive type of thing.

So I like to suggest to my clients that they start with one hour a day for a test, and to commit 60 days or so to the test. Just write for one hour per day. That's it. One hour per day. Initially that might be 1 article a day. Then in a week that might be 2 a day. And within the first month that might be 6 a day (that is just 40 words per minute of typing to do 6 - 400 word articles per day).

Then after 60 days, you begin to evaluate your results. Of course, results will be highly dependent on your back end monetization. The articles won't make money on their own. You have to sell something. And if your email campaign doesn't convert, you won't sell much. And if you don't sell much, you don't make much money, and in that case, probably any traffic source will not be profitable.

After the 60 days, you can decide to spend another hour a day if you want. That would be 12 articles a day, 20 days a month is 240 articles a month and close to 2000 articles per year. How would 2000 articles a year impact your business? What kind of difference would that make to your bottom line? There's only one way to find out...

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