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Can Guest Blogging Help Your Article Marketing?

Can Guest Blogging Help Your Article Marketing?

By Sean R Mize

To me, articles and blog posts are about the same thing. In fact, an article is a short snippet of information, long enough to teach one simple thing. And a blog post is a short snippet of information, long enough to teach one simple thing. So a blog post is... an article in my opinion. So then it could be argued that all blog marketing or blog posting is really article marketing and article posting.

The advantage I see with using blogs for your article dissemination is that with blogs you tend to see more traffic and frankly and usually, stronger websites than most article directories. Now there is one article directory that I use pretty much exclusively, and the reason I use it is because of the phenomenal traffic and conversion rates I get from their traffic. But other than that one site, I think the biggest way to grow your article marketing is to get your content on niche blogs, and the more popular the blogs, the better.

So how do you do it? How do you get on the blogs?

The easy way I generally recommend to my clients is to become a guest blogger on the site where you want to be posted.

And I recommend becoming a guest blogger on multiple sites. That way each day you can write several articles and have them posted.

Now the real key with guest blogging is the traffic you get from the posts. And in order to get traffic from the posts, not only must they be good articles, they must also be on blogs that get a fair amount of traffic already.

So how do you become a guest blogger?

Here is what I recommend:

Google "top blogs in (your niche) and get at least 3 lists of top blogs in your niche. Go to each blog and see if it is a site that you might like to write for. Then go to and make sure their ranking is near or less than 100,000. (In the long run, you might want to target 50,000 or less, but when you are starting out, take what you can get for practice.)

Write the owner of each blog and ask him if he needs a new guest blogger. Send at least 3 samples of your work. If you have articles published online, send him the links to read them. Warning: if your articles are lousy, he probably won't want you to write for his blog.

Once someone accepts your offer, be sure you can put an author byline or call to action at the end of the article so you can get traffic to your site from the articles.

Once someone accepts your offer, find out what kind of articles he wants, and perhaps if he has article topics he wants you to use. Then submit the articles.

Rinse and repeat. Aim for at least 10 sites to write for.

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