Monday, 17 September 2012

How To Travel With Kids - Top Three Tips

How To Travel With Kids - Top Three Tips

By Greg Pierce

Most parents are excited to bring their kids to their first vacation. Sometimes though, due to the excitement before the trip, everyone ends up arguing because the right preparations have not been made. Whether you like it or not, kids will be kids and it doesn't matter if you're taking them to Disneyland or Ocean Park in any state or country. When kids have to sit and behave on a plane ride, they probably won't. That's why adults should always plan a little extra things when kids are involved in traveling. Of course, the whole point will be to keep them still and safe. Apart from your convenience, keeping your kids in one place while flying will be safe for all.

You'd like to remember that the main issue here is how to keep your kids interested enough in something that will divert their minds from their "explorative" tendencies. To keep them glued to their seats, here are three things you can do:

1. Get some new toys just before the flight. You'll be amazed at what this trick can do. You can bring old ones, but the point is, kids aren't really that interested in old stuff and these things won't be able to keep them on their seats long enough. If you get new toys, that's a different story. Apart from satisfying your kids' eagerness to play, those toys will also get them curious about the new things they can play with. Combine that eagerness and curiosity and you'll have kids who won't mind sitting through a whole flight, as long as you let them discover their new playthings. There's a catch, though. Don't just get one or two. Get a bagful. That way, you're sure you'll keep him busy as long as you need to.

2. Aside from the urge to play, children can also be uneasy when they're not feeling their best. That's why you should always have your medicine kit with you, even for a short vacation. Even if it's just mild abdominal cramps, a child is going to complain when he feels he's not okay. It's true that we shouldn't overload our bodies with medicine and we can just let some minor conditions pass. But for a kid on a plane, this can be a problem. You should have some pills ready, just in case anyone needs to pop one.

3. When you have your luggage checked in, ask for window a window seat for your child. When you have him sitting by the aisle, you'll encourage him to explore and roam around the plane. This will not be safe, so it's good to have him in his seat through the whole duration of the flight. The sights he'll see through the window will also keep him preoccupied.

Whether you're traveling for a vacation or for relocation, make sure your stuff is packed safely. Make use of only the most durable materials, from clear poly bags or reclosable poly bags to corrugated shipping boxes and the like. When you use the right materials, you can travel confident that your things will be safe and secure.

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