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The History of File Sharing

The History of File Sharing

By Scott L. Buendia

File sharing is not a new idea. However, it is an old idea made much better by technological advances, and the invention of social media. File sharing is an old format that has been made right by the new advances in technology and will only get better in the future as time goes on. Therefore, business people or businesses cannot ignore this essential piece of business software.

Originally, the best way for people to communicate was through chat programs. These programs allowed people to talk no matter how far away they were from each other. However, what they found when using the systems is that they could not send files to each other in the chat programs. The only other program that was available was e-mail (more about this later). However, this was not a good solution to the problem. Therefore, chat was the not the right answer for file sharing. However, it did work well for collaboration projects; it just could not help people share the files that they need to share.

Bulletin boards are an even earlier form of communication and the closest thing to social media. This means that social media systems are really built on these systems. If social media had a family, this would be its direct father or mother. The systems are built on these bones and they only really have a few technological advances that make them slightly different from bulletin boards. The big difference is that there are more people on the social medium systems rather than the bulletin boards. Yet, again, the bulletin boards did not allow the users to have file sharing that they needed or wanted. Therefore, the answer again was e-mail.

E-mail is one of the oldest forms of communication on the internet. E-mail always has been and probably will always be one of the main stays of communication on the internet. Even, the social media systems have included their own version of e-mail through profiles, this means that e-mail is not going away even though there is technically no use for it (because social media systems allow people to post information on the system and the person can read that information any time they log in). However, e-mail has stood the test of time. It is a way to transfer files from one person to another with the caveat that the file has to be small. This was the problem with most e-mail systems. They only can transfer so much information before they fail at transferring the file. Therefore, e-mail was only a band-aid on the problem of file sharing.

Finally, companies made file sharing platforms that allowed people to send the files and share the files that they needed to be shared. This was a major advance because it sped up the time it took to get work done. Therefore, file sharing is an essential element of a business that no business should be without in the future. File sharing plus some sort of social media or chat is essential in any business.

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