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Vintage Style Dresses - Peplum and Pencil Dresses

Vintage Style Dresses - Peplum and Pencil Dresses

By Sisi S Tsoi

We've all been there. Your friends want to meet downtown for drinks on a Friday evening after work, and you don't have time to run home for an outfit change. How to find a piece that will take you from office to cocktail bar and keep you looking stylish? The answer is to find a dress cut that is both stylish and work appropriate.

The pencil dress is the perfect piece for those days you want to mix business and pleasure. With its flattering cut and calf-length skirt, these frocks will give your ensemble a glamorous vintage style. Taking inspiration from Mad Men's Joan Holloway - the stunning redheaded secretary - this style is sophisticated for the workplace and yet on trend for after hours.

Pencil dresses come in a variety of colours, but the key trend for this fall when it comes to this cut is the Peplum. Giving the style an 80s twist, the peplum is a fun addition that flatters the waist and keeps the trend interesting. They epitomise pin-up glamour, and can be further accessorized with a waist belt if you so wish. Another update to the style corresponds with a look that has been hot for the last few seasons - the embellished collar. No need to worry about adding expensive jewellery, these pieces that employ sequins, ornate beading and stunning metallic tones give your outfit a luxurious feel, yet don't seem too ostentatious for a professional look.

The peplum trend has caught on like crazy with celebrities clamouring to exhibit their favourite pieces that manage to look fresh and classic at the same time. From Kim Kardashian in her clean, white and minimal peplum top paired with leather leggings, to Kate Middleton in a stunning forest green peplum dress with waist belt and beret accessories, those in the spotlight are aware of how flattering and sophisticated this style is. Swap Kim's trend led leather for a more classic pair of cigarette pants, and either of these styles would be perfect for the boardroom or the dance floor.

Despite being such a distinguished silhouette, the peplum pencil dress can also essentially be seen as a blank canvas. They come in any and every hue, skirt length, sleeve style and neckline. Hot Fall colours such as oxblood and plum are peplum favorites; pair with patent courts for a classic and current ensemble. Or if you're still in a Summer frame of mind, opt for pretty florals or nautical stripes, and complete with slingback kitten heels in cute, eye-catching shades. You can easily make this trend your own, in ways that will be suitable for day to evening wear. That's the beauty of vintage inspired dresses: the sophistication and nostalgia of decades past that they allude to, allow for a look that is both smart and evident of a devotion to fashion and style.

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