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Why Women Are Not Interested in Your Online Dating Profile

Why Women Are Not Interested in Your Online Dating Profile

By Nina Perlin

Writing a dating profile can be just as obnoxious as not getting responses from women you contact. There are many reasons why a woman would be repelled by an online dating profile, avoid these mistakes so that you can increase your chances of getting more women interested in you.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words and photos hold even more value for an online dating profile. Time and again I have sat around disguising men's dating profiles with my girl friends and we all stand unanimous on the photo disasters we see. We find it an absolute turn off to see a photo of a man with another woman standing next to him. This includes your mother, sister, ex-girlfriend, best friend or the Anime costume characters at a convention. When women see a photo that has a woman in the picture our minds instantly jump to conclusions that you are a player, are still "really close" to your ex-girlfriend or that you are trying to show off an ex as to give potential women something they must measure up to; it is almost as though you are saying "this woman next to me is the type of woman I am looking for". Unless the woman looks 100 years old next to you, don't post a photo with another woman.

Another photo no-no is to post nothing but pictures of you wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses or a combination of both. Women instantly think that if you are wearing a cap or sunglasses then you have something to hide. That something to hide is usually a "Surprise, I'm bald!" Wearing sunglasses in every photo is just plain obnoxious. It makes you come off as if you are too cool for anyone. Then there is the photo of wee-man. Wee man photos are when you post photos of you that show you very far away and are too small to see any details of your looks. Think about it, you would also be annoyed if a woman you were interested in posted out of focus or very tiny photos that made it difficult to tell what she looked like.

Besides photos, women can be turned off if a profile does not offer enough details about a person. If your profile is boring you will lose a woman's attention before she even makes it to your 2nd paragraph. You should keep things short enough to capture her attention but long enough to give her some pieces of information that would make her feel compelled to contact you or respond to your messages. Do not come off needy. It is best to avoid saying things like "I am looking for my soul mate" or "I am looking for my better half". Instead you can say something like "I am ready to find the right person to start a meaningful relationship with" or something like "I have realized how short life is and as I get older I have really come to appreciate what relationships offer and I would love to explore this idea with someone that feels the same".

Another profile turn-off for many women is when men type in caps. Typing in caps comes off as yelling at someone online. It is unattractive and makes you look uneducated. Turn the caps key off now! Now, some women do judge a man by his grammar and spelling. It certainly does not hurt to run your profile through a spell check prior to publishing your profile for all to see. You should also avoid the use of chat shorthand such as "UR" or "U" instead of typing the full word of "you're" and "you" out. I hope that you find these profile tips helpful. Good luck and may you find what you are looking for online.

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